Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Leaving on a jet plane...

Y'all. I'm going on Holiday. This means that I am not going to be bloggin from Friday, 28th October (Ok, I might drop a line) to 7th October (that's a monday).

I'm going to Japan, where every male is a metrosexual , a homosexual, or just plain sexual.

I don't think I'll go clubbing because I'm going with the folks, so no O-Genki for me.
Also, I'm rather poor atm (bastard ebay always takes my cash because I just never ever feel USD as different from SGD, even though I do my 1.7 ), so I'll prolly not buy heaps, but we'll see. If I can manage to get a decent advance/bonus, I'll definitely try to spend a little more.

I'm hoping to buy a whole heap of clothing, SHOES (Adidas Superstar 35th anniversary expression Lee quinones! I'm Coming!), BAGS (bring it on baby!), and electronics (the latest gadgets, etc. I mean, the Aichi expo just ended a coupla months ago, so perhaps there's still hope for a few toys. ;) ya heard?).

Apart from the excellent shopping, I have a craving for ramen that cannot be satisfied with the substandard shite served here (no, you cannot get decent ramen here), and the best part is the sashimi *groans in anticipation* my god, the fish actually tastes alive. You can taste the sea, the fish has got bite and bounce.. not like it's been pounded to death with a few sledgehammers.
I just loooove japanese food.

Anyhow. Will take lots of pictures and update when I can.

Take care y'all. Don't miss me too much.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Nothing to blog about. (The most boring post ever a.k.a good shit)

::Disclaimer: I have nothing to disclaim, but I just want one for the heck of it.::

I have nothing to blog about. Not one single interesting thing happens to me. I've come to the conclusion that I'm just really a rather boring person with a boring as shit life.
Really, I go to work, I work, and then I come home, and blog about shit that happens to me.

But Shit did not happen to me today.

Yeah you know what I'm getting at. I only have shit days and good days. Basically, today was a shit good day.
There was some good shit happening today.

I went to work in the morning, got pissed off at a friend in the morning (shit happened), settled down some in the afternoon, bored out of my brains a few hours later, and scamped off work 1 full hour before it actually ended (I think I must've looked pretty doleful/pathetic). Following that, a good 20 minutes surfing google earth (thanks to mel - fascinating it is) and then went shopping with the 'rent + annoying flypestbro.
Had a decent cup of tea in M&S while the 'rent went off to buy Pjs, and after a quick runaround the shops, came home.

All in all, a fairly good day. I'm not pissed at my friend anymore (can't remember if it was my fault or not, so if I should be pissed or not is purely academic.) and I feel much better after shopping. My theory is if you look good, you feel good.

Good shit happens in 2 days. Until then, I be the most boring person alive.

Sorry about this filler post, y'all. I needs inspiration. Throw me a few topics.

And the lurkers/visitors... I know you exist and please spare the leetle bit of time to comment. It's polite, at least. Pretty please?

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Mariah Carey is da bomb.

My favourite song of all time.

And Mariah Carey does it best. If I could find the clip from 'Love Actually', I'd post that one because it's cute.

But this is pretty much a classic. At least, to me.

I love this song.

Enjoy, y'all.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Heaven in small bites.

::Disclaimer: Post all about ice cream. Like it or lump it. ::

I know it's pretty weird to be bloggin about ice cream.

But ice cream is globally renowned as comfort food. And besides, everyone likes ice cream (only weirdos hate ice cream and i don't care if you think otherwise).

So. To start with.
There are many types of ice cream in the world.
As a connoiseur of ice cream, I think I can vouch for my own impeccable taste (I did say I have a massive ego).
And here are the few that I would actually recommend.

Anyhows, the top 3 (yes, i'ma lazy bastard. I know.) favourite ice creams of mine.

1.) Ben & Jerry's chocolate brownie ice cream:

Match smooth, rich, creamy chocolate and heavenly chewy brownies. *Drooling just by typing this. The brownies are soft, chewy and oh-so-chocolatey. Best choice. Can't go wrong for chocoholics. (* actually, most of b& j's ice cream is good. cookie dough, strawberry cheesecake, ohhh.... *in heaven*) For Expert Analysis, refer below.
(*Note: Haagen Dazs uses more dark chocolate, resulting in a slightly more bitter and powdery aftertaste and is not as creamy as ben & jerry's. Which you might as well go for a tartufo gelato. Less fat, and more chocolate bang for your buck. Try Estivo's dark chocolate, or Movenpick's chocolate ice cream.)

2.) Orchard hotel home made ice-cream:
The strawberry ice cream is a MUST TRY. They make all their ice cream theirselves, and this is one strawberry ice cream that actually tastes slightly sorbet/ice cream-ish. It's like a gelato but with more oomph. When the ice cream touches your tongue, the first sensation is the sharp tang of a sorbet, coupled with the scent of strawberries, followed by the creamy sweetness of an ice cream, with an aftertaste of ripe strawberries. Yet it still remains light, like a gelato. I can't describe how fantastic this ice cream is, but it is prolly one of the BEST strawberry ice creams around.

3.) Simmo's ice cream in Margeret River, Western Australia:
Simmo's is a famous ice creamery in WA. You can either choose to travel all the way down Albany highway to Margeret River (might as well visit Berry farm @ the same time), or travel up to Fremantle and have lovely Ciserello's fish and chips while you're there.
Anyways, the best part about Simmo's is that they have an amazing range of flavours, with the dodgiest names. Forex, 'squashed frog' is peppermint and chocolate chip ice cream. Also, their ice cream is really colourful and jam-packed FULL of flavour. It's a lovely treat for a stroll down the shops on a warm afternoon. Actually, on further reflection, it's pretty damn good no matter when, where or how.
Absolutely brilliant.

So. My favourite ice creams in the world. When I see more of the world, I might add some, but these are pretty much the top of the heap on my current list.

Note: I don't discriminate between ice creams, whether its the dollar type sold by the street hawkers around Orchard, or the expensive type sold in posh restaurants. Its allllllll good. Oh - except for that sad excuse of ice cream that tasted like baby powder in boarding school. *shudder*

*if you've any ice creams that are halfway decent, hit the shout outs and drop a comment. I'd loooove to know of any better ones out there. No matter where. Even if it's in timbuktu. Good ice creams are hard to come by. :)

Saturday, October 15, 2005

I am an evil bitch.

::Disclaimer: because I like disclaimers.::

I've realized that all I've been blogging about is shit that happens to me, so i've decided to dedicate one whole post ENTIRELY to myself, purely because i am a selfish biatch and this is my blog. Also because my actions are understood by few, so I should prolly explain a little about me.

We begin.

I'm 22 this year, female. If you haven't grasped that I am a chick yet, you're quite stupid then. Anyways, besides my shiteass job that I gripe about every chance I get, I'm also bloggin about stuff that happens to me that I may or may not like, and I try to be as humorous as possible, because I like long sentences and I don't think we should take things seriously.

Besides the obvious above mentioned, I'm also using my blog as a rant bin, dumping all the shite that I dislike or that I just need to get off my chest. I swear frequently, so all my rants may be littered with french/spanish, but my blog, my rules. like it or lump it. That's my motto, anyways.

I'm a closed person, very private. I'm extremely civil, and I treat everyone with a certain extreme degree of courtesy (because I'm ridiculously polite - no joke), so I tend to be very distant to people who may want to get to know me better. It's just the way I am, I treat people close to me really crap and complete strangers well. Which, again, is a bad trait of mine that I have no idea how to get around it.
I find it difficult to emote, so I close up pretty bad (again, blog is cathartic) sometimes. I joke about things I cannot say, or choose to poke fun at. That's my attempt at escapism, I recognize that, but I will not change.
I'm stubborn that way.
I despise people who tell me what I can or cannot do. I'm anal and pedantic enough to prove anybody wrong. Or debate until I cry. I'm that bad.
I try to treat everybody how I want to be treated, with courtesy and I expect others to show me the same regard. When it doesn't happen I will tend to indulge in a spite of bitchiness and open hate until things may or may not be resolved.
I can be a total bitch if provoked, and I have a sharp tongue (not afraid to use it)... Basically, I'm not all angel (though I'd like to be).

I have a bigass ego. I always think I'm right, and I will fight to the death to protect that.
I like to argue - because I like the look of defeat on people's faces when they admit that I am right. Of course, I've had my fair share of saying that I'm wrong too (don't get me wrong, I'm not ashamed to admit when I'm wrong), but I simply enjoy being right.
I'm brutally honest and direct. If you want someone to tell you when you have spinach stuck in your teeth or when you feel you're being ostracized and why, I'd be the right person to go to.
I don't mince words. I tell it like it is, or how I think it is, and I won't pretty up my speech while I'm going with my criticism. Wish I could be more diplomatic, but hey. an apple is an apple.

I know this post sucks, really, as an addition to my blog bin, but I felt some explanation was in order. Those who know me, y'all understand already, so if you've anything good to say about me, feel free (i'm also a compliment whore). Those who don't but have something good to say, be brave and say so ( pretty please). Those who think I'm some shiteass biatch, or can only have bad things to say about me, well u know, can't win 'em all (better not post a comment).

(comments please. I'm a needy comment whore.)

Monday, October 10, 2005

bored blogger.

:: Disclaimer: I'm bored. woot. ::

Which is why, helpful person that I am (Silly too), I have kindly created a list of activities we can all do (and it won't cost you anything - ok well it won't cost an arm or a leg) while you're twiddling your thumbs at home. ( if you're interested and would give it a go, well please let me know how it went.)

Here we go.

1.) Got Milk? Got Soap? Got moisturizer? Make your own spa.
I've been known to put every kind of body soap I have (yes, ALL + soap bars that I've rubbed furiously to create nice bubbles) + milk ( Full cream is best) + moisturizer (Please don't use facial moisturizer unless it's the kind you bought ages ago but never used / got for xmas and completely hated. Use Body moisturizer).
Fill it up, lie down and soooooak it all up.
(Note: Use Hot - Warm water for best results. Remember to finish off with a COLD (yes, cold. Ice cold if you can.) shower. Your body will thank you for it.)

2.) Watch Telly, but instead of mindlessly zombie-ing through a flicker of channels doing that 'watched that. hate that. crap. crap. hate that." thing, flick to the most disgusting channel you can find and make stupid comments (yes, talking to yourself does not classify as a mental problem). Obviously, you can only do this for a fairly short time until you get annoyed, but its fairly fun while it lasts.

Alternatively, you can always watch national geographic and watch animals rutting. It's like porn in the wild. (yeah no, that was a joke. Please don't try that. But if you do, DON'T let me know.)

3.) Have a nap. As in, create your own "nest"/ "fort" of blankets and pillows, curl up, take silly pictures of yourself lying in your "nest" / "fort" and then have a snooze for a bit.

4.) Cook. And I don't mean your tried and tested sure won't fail recipe that everyone's eaten to their funeral, but a new recipe. Work with whatchu got. Whatever you've got in your fridge, pathetic though it may be, make up something nice. Or you can borrow my cooking phrase/saying/thesis:- "cook shit, eat shit".

5.) Surf the net looking for strangeass games. I don't know how many of youse have played ganguro girl (thanks candy!), but tell me how soon you hit first base/homerun/got lucky. Try for some kickass games.

6.) if ya have a garden, make a flower arrangement. you'd be surprised what you can get.

7.) Switch on your favourite tunes LOUD and have a blast dancing and singing. No one is going to know even if they hear you, and you can even brush up on your karaoke skills at the same time.
(* my favourite - i do it even when i'm not bored.)

8.) Take a walk around your neighbourhood. But don't walk your usual way/route, take a detour. You'd be surprised how much has changed. (or maybe that's just me - my neighbourhood was in renovation b4 i went off to perf and now that i'm back, all the houses have developed into swanky, modern homes. shocking.)

9.) Do a mask - cucumber, honey, aloe vera, whatever. oats + honey and milk make a good moisturizing scrub. (please note that you first wash your face with WARM water, then pile on the mask THICK, and then wash off with warm water after however long you like, and then finish off with a COLD water splash. don't moisturize after- you don't need it. your skin will be baby smooth and soft. really.)

10.) ** BEST OPTION **
Make a list of things you want to do, stuff you want to buy, places you've always dreamed of going to, etc. Whatever you want, really.
One day, I will publish my list of wants into a "GOLD LIST BOOK".
Oh, and kindly make sure they are as MATERIAL as possible (i.e.: tangibles >unless it's a boyfriend, you get 3 points for that one), and as golddigger type as possible. That makes it more fun. I mean, its no fun if you're doing the whole "i want to be happy" thing. cmon. be as materialistic as possible.

I'll start off with an example:-

1.) I want a car. (Note: kindly don't stop there, elaborate and be as fancy as you possibly can -this is fantasy, remember)
Brand: Bugatti (maybe i'll buy the company and call it peejay.)
Model: Veyron (obviously only out in 2006, but nvm this is fantasy, and hopefully reality when bugattis fall out of fashion and become cheapcheap, like giordano which used to be cool and abit expensive but now has become fodder for the penny-pinching).
Colour: Platinum. Because I want a platinum plated car. (I actually think platinum is very cool, like chrome, but not so obiang/tasteless.)
My car can be one big mirror, so i can be oh-so-cool and apply lip gloss while staring at my car. Stylin'.
Extras: Automatic and power EVERYTHING. I won't hire an ahmad/driver because I can afford crashes if I *most likely* will have crashes. I must have GOLD RIMS. (ok, not gold plated (too cheapcheap), but GOLD as in 18K gold, yeah?) I want ONE BIGASS diamond (note: rose diamonds, the debeers type, not the shite you can buy in poh heng, ok) gear shift, I want an emerald encrusted timepiece (like franck mueller) on my dashboard. I want to have mink seats, so my ass can be carressed by dead baby animals, I want to have my very own specialized perfume always wafting through the car so it will always smell like orchids.

Ok i'll stop there because it's getting too flamboyant *cough* royal! *cough* ... but you get the idea. Let me know your ideas! I welcome all comments! PLEASE!!! #%$&^# gimme comments!

::Note: I've just read through my post and i've realised that the title of my music video (i.e.: aerosmith's CRAZY) is very apt for all the crap i just wrote.::

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Classic is best.

Move over, Jason mraz.

Best vid. of all time.

This is prolly Alicia Silverstone in her prime.

Y'all enjoy now.

Sunday, October 02, 2005

I'm a mad, bad woman to know.

My bad.

My previous post , I will admit may make me sound like I have violent tendencies. Perhaps even sound like I'm Schizophrenic.


But the truth of the matter is that I simply have an awful awful temper with a very short fuse.
And that's bad - I know it. I used to be terrible when I was younger. So much so that I got into fights very regularly (my 'rents still don't know I used to fight heaps back then).

I remember an incident where I really lost my temper. I think I terrified myself.

I was 15 going on 16. I had a falling out with a friend, M over something completely trivial. I told myself not to get angry, so I held back and tried to calm myself down. All day long, she was silent and ignored me.
Apparently it was my fault, but she wouldn't tell me what I did or said that made her so upset.
She pulled another friend, C. over to her group, when C. must've heard what I'd done, because C. proceeded to give me the evil eye everytime I walked past, or when I wanted to speak with them.
This carried on from 7 in the morning to 2 in the afternoon. I couldn't take it any longer. I'd been simmering from the morning till the afternoon and I'd worked myself up into a fine lather.

C. had to get past my chair in order to get to her table in the classroom. I purposely stuck out my chair at an angle because I knew she'd have to move it to get to her place. (yeah, can you tell I was pretty anal as a teen. SHOW DOWN!) I think I must've been really geared up for a show down (hoe down-haha) because my blood was, literally boiling. I was soooo ready to explode.

And explode I did. When she swiped my chair back to my table, I saw red. (I KNOW what that means now, I DID see red. I swear, there was a red haze over me. I can't explain it, but it's like you CANNOT control yourself, like you're being possessed by your anger, and like you're nothing better than an animal. NO CONTROL.)

I swept my hand with tremendous force against my chair in the direction facing her (yeah I know I'm bad. *hangs head*) and the chair flew like 4 feet to her.
C. lifted up her hand to deflect the blow, and I might add that it was a lucky thing, because she apparently had some kind of injury ( I think she fractured her hand. I think.) afterwards.

I'm really sorry for what I did, and I freaked out afterwards for a looong loooong time. I'm still sorry that I lost my temper so badly, that my wrath could actually physically injure another person.

But I have tried to keep a firm rein on my temper since then. I think I've become a bit of a pushover, but I still do possess that temper. I'm not sure now what's great, because I'm terrified of losing my temper that badly again. I can't afford to lose it - this time I'd be headed for the asylum instead of detention.

I haven't seen C. in a while. After that year, I moved to OZ, and I never saw her again.

But if I do, I will be sure to apologize and buy her coffee.

Saturday, October 01, 2005

I am so fucking pissed!!!

:: Disclaimer: I am angry. I will say fuck very many times. You're warned. I may not make any sense. I don't make sense when I'm angry - who does?
Read on if you want, but like it or lump it.::

I'm SO FUCKING pissed.

I feel like screaming "FUUUUUUUCK!!!!" and doing a series of aggressive gymnastics.

Why, just WHY do I always get fucked? (i.e.: fly aeroplane / 'tua' / let down)

It is not my FUCKING FAULT that I take my brothers out for lunch on Sundays because my parents are too FUCKING busy to.

It is not my FUCKING FAULT that my brother went out to his friend's house without telling me and therefore screwing up ALL plans for lunch (because we send him to tuition class at the same time).

It is definitely NOT my FUCKING FAULT that my mum wants to screw us out of lunch by getting angry at ME and telling me to leave her alone when I have invited her to lunch because "H cannot make it lah".

I hate this, I really do.

I plan for things ahead of time so that screw ups like this don't happen. I have already planned where and what to eat, and all the logistics ahead of time.

Fine so things got screwed. I am cool with that.

But don't FUCKING lose your temper with me when I'm the one who's FUCKING doing you SHITE 'rents a favour.

Bloody ASSHOLES! This is looking like a pissy day for me.

I don't like people who screw up my timing or my plans.

I hate people that won't call me first to let me know. It's common courtesy. It's FECKING politeness.

I hate it that my plans have gone to ruin over something as trivial as this and I KNOW that its trivial and I hate that I get so angry over it.

I hate being wronged when i'm doing favours and all i get in return is GODDAMN ABUSE.

What do I look like, do I have fucking NAIVETE stamped on my forehead?

Do I look like someone you can piss on and then trample all over while you walk away?


I'm not standing this shit any longer. FUCK courtesy and politeness to people who don't deserve it.

I should go back to perth, where society strictures are something I can understand and deal with. But basic courtesies, MANNERS are something that seem to be so lacking in Singaporean culture and I don't understand by people are SO DAMN brash these days.

I like to think that I have good manners and am a courteous, even polite person. I'd like to think that I have a healthy respect for others and I treat others how I like to be treated, even though I am distant (that's just how I am).

Is it so wrong to expect the same things out of others?

I'm Singaporean, but it's a damn SHAME to me that others can't possess simple civilities.

get some FUCKING MANNERS before you talk to me again bitch.