Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Bloody Hell.

Of all times I had to get it, it had to be at this period of my life.

Just when I've got a new job.

Just when I'm actually interested in meeting new people.

Just when I've proudly declared to the world that I'm as fit as a fiddle.

This is it. I defo think that my body has gone insane.

Y'all will be seeing me blog much more often the next 2 weeks because I've got bloody CHICKEN POX.

I've got 2 weeks leave, which my boss intends for me to sort of work part time (more like full time) THROUGHOUT my leave.

Which actually, is ok. Because I'm the responsible sort (HAHAHAHA) that's got to have all my stuff sorted out.

Except... Now I'm feeling sort of woozy and my head reeallly reaaally hurts, It's not likely I'm going to be getting much done, is there?

Anyhow, I'm praying that the buggers dry up soon and drop off quicksmart, because I've SO had it with the poxing bastards.
Also, I'm having a fever, i've scratched a million of them off, and i WILL have a scar. Lots of scars.

Sorry to all my colleagues. Y'all going to have to do some work.. haha! I don't think I can help much, but I'll try to do whatever I can! ;)

Bloody chicken pox.

Friday, February 24, 2006


:: Disclaimer: I am very sorry for being late. But I have a good excuse. I had to stay at the office late every night this week and I am still in office typing as we speak. :( ::

Chapter One

"Lin Peh! Stay in the trishaw!" Go Tong shouted at Lin Peh.
Lin Peh did as he was told. And like any 6 year old boy, he started to wonder after a few minutes of waiting.. 'Will Papa buy me the bicycle? I want the blue one with white handles so I can go as fast as Astroboy.."

While he was sitting in the trishaw daydreaming, Go Tong was frantically running into the house looking for his other 3 sons and Untie Lin.
Running in the house at breakneck speed, Go Tong stopped in shock when he saw the state of the kitchen.

Moaning in anguish, he promptly collapsed to the floor in a dead faint.

Untie Lin, as her name belied, was one capable lady. She was mopping up pools of blood on the kitchen floors, while screaming at Liong Sick and Kick Siang to get out of her way. It was just as well that King Yik was at a friend's house playing ping pong.

At a corner lay an injured man (one of their illegal mahjong regulars), bleeding profusely as one of the village 'mata' tended to his wounds.
The man, not yet dead, but with the problem of losing too much blood, was on the verge of collapsing into a coma. The policeman, a trained professional, dealt with his injuries with methodological precision. Moving fast, wads of blood soaked tissues and gauze heaped on the side of his body, the mata uttered a quick prayer that the bleeding would stop soon.

At another corner of the house, seperate from the blood stained kitchen, 2 of the policemen were busy questioning the 2 suspects. "what happened? How can you say you don't know? Don't say you don't know! You think you can pretend??"
The 2 suspects shook their heads and kept silent. Unable to bear the frustration any longer, the other policeman slammed his palm on the table. "Hey! You better start talking soon!"

At the same time, Untie Lin, seeing her husband fall to the floor in a faint, immediately rushed over to tend to him. She was busy preparing cold compresses and ice packs, not noticing that Liong Sick and Kick Siang, who couldn't bear to stay in the kitchen any longer, were escaping outside to get some fresh air.

Lin Peh, getting quite tired of sitting in the trishaw, saw Liong Sick and Kick Siang. He immediately ran over to join them. "Hi Kors! I just came back with Papa."
The 3 of them started walking away from the house, while Liong Sick and Kick Siang updated Lin peh on the events. "So hor, me and Kick Siang were playing when we saw this man in the kitchen right, and he was bleeding a lot. Then we call mummy because we all scared.."

Just then, while walking past the kitchen windows, Lin Peh noticed something peeking out of the bush.

"Liong Sick and Kick Siang! Look! What's that ah?" He asked, while pulling the object out of the bushes. He promptly screamed as he noticed droplets of blood clinging to his fingers...

I pass on to 5xmom! Please read the terms and conditions!

Sunday, February 19, 2006


:: Disclaimer: the following post is scary. I repeat, scary. This is as much horror as I can make it, and all events are told are REAL. You're warned, y'all. And don't ask me why I'm so sick.::

As suggested by Ultra. ;)

I had a nightmare once. Usually, I don't dream, and if I do, I pretty much never remember them. Except this one had me sitting up in bed with the covers pulled up to my chin, literally shaking with fear at 4PM.
But I'm a wuss anyways, so some of y'all may think nothing of this.

By the way, in case none of youse know, I'm actually a buddhist, so I will mention some buddhism related stuff.

Ok. let's begin.

I begin my dream by me meeting up with my family (my mum, 2 brothers and me, my auntie and her 3 kids). We're going on a buddhist pilgrimage, to pray for lost souls. So that's all fine and dandy, till we're told we're going to get there by train, and we're going to meet the buddhist master at the train station.

We come to a cave. The cave is dark, damp, with wet walls, and it's mostly a brackish grey colour. It's large though, and bustling with people. We take a staircase cut into the walls of the cave, and walk into an enclosed space, it's about 1/4 the size of a football field, and same damp, dark, space. The general feeling is of uneasiness.

As we walk into the enclosed space, I see a small pocket of water by the wall of the cave. It's cut into the walls of the cave, the size of a sink, and when you look at the water, all you see is blackness. It's deep though, god knows how deep.
Just as I'm musing about the depth of the water, the buddhist master appears by our side. He casually informs that the small pool of water has future reading abilities, and proceeds to peer into the water. He starts talking about what he can see into our pilgrimage trip, and I tune out. I stare hard at the water. If I stare hard enough, I can see blurry images appearing in shade of black and white. It's too blurry to specifically see anything, so I give up just in time for my master to tell us in a grave tone of voice that we should "be strong for the journey" and that he prays that everyone of us can make it through.

Before I manage to decipher what he actually means by 'make it through', he shows us the train is here. Ahh, I see. It's a normal MRT train. Hard orange plastic seats, fluorescent lighting and the general bustle of society files into the train in a flurry of activity. Places to go, people to see.
I step in, surrounded by my family. There's no place to sit, so we all sit on the place.
I finally manage to get a look at how large our group actually is. There's about 30 odd of us, and we're all seated on the floor. We're the only ones sitting on the floor.
The next stop floods us with bright sunlight. Stop after stop, we see busy people with shopping bags and groceries, going about their busy lives. We're informed that ours is the last stop, and after watching a few more stops whizz by, we sleep.

When I wake up, I find myself hugging my brother from behind, and the train has entered a tunnel. The muted lighting in the cabin brings everything into hazy focus. I find that everybody in our group is sitting very close together to the point of being squashed together. Suddenly, the shock hits me. We're going on a ghost trip.

The further the train travels, the deeper and darker the cabin becomes. The people that file into the cabin become steadily fewer and increasingly more silent. With cold watchful eyes.
I suddenly get it.
They're GHOSTS. Some of the passengers are human, some are ghosts, and some are hybrids of both. They all look human. Same figure, and these are solid ghosts, not the wavery transparent type.

How to tell? The ghosts are pale. Their faces are white under the lighting. They look like they have white make up on, with dark eyes speaking of unknown secrets. And the ghosts have one big difference. Their throats are slit open. The blackish maroon insides of their throats wink open, with a thin string of surgical tubing hanging outside of their throats, a good 10cm down the middle of their esophagus down to their chest.

I stare at the tubing. I will my eyes to shut. Somehow, some one informs me that I cannot let the ghosts catch me staring at them. They will kill me. They will do unspeakable dark things to me. I find a ghost. Male. Staring at me. His eyes are cold with the knowledge of evil secrets. Secrets that are best unknown. They inform me that he knows. He knows and he is watching me. Seeing if I am real. I freeze in terror. I shut my eyes, knowing that it might be my last.
I hug my brother tighter. I chant in my head. pleaseletmegopleasedon'tlookatmepleasegoaway

When I finally muster up the courage to open my eyes, we're here. And our mission to go into the centre of the ghost town, and pray for their release. To set them free and to get another try at life. To be able ot reincarnate. Because this town is a middle town. It bears a gateway to the underground (i.e.: HELL) and the middle ground. (LIFE as we know it. Reality.)

We trudge along the broken pavement. Everywhere, chaos ensue. There is screaming. There is pain, cruelty and the sadistic joy of madness in the air. Among the silhoulette of houses and shacks, there is the crimson wave of blood spattered over everything. Some of the houses have red roofs that glow among the darkness. It feels like a holocaust. Shapeless figurines glide along dark shadows, some out and out leering at us. We have to keep a low profile. If they see us, if they know what we were going to do, they would not hestitate to kill us in a second. I hurry faster. We're almost there. I can see it. A temple. These ghostly folk would enjoy killing us. I hurry. I see the door!

An orange temple, decked in yellow, orange and red. It looks like an ordinary temple. It is small, shabby and unkept. No one is around. Everywhere I look there is debris. It looks like the afterscene of a riot. But no matter. I tell myself, the main thing is sincerity in praying. You must have sincerity in your heart. And your prayers will be heard.

I see the master in front falling to his knees. we immediately drop down too. And the 30 of us, we start praying. Outside, we can hear screams, angry yells and the roar of a crowd that has just found out what we are doing.

I close my eyes. And I pray harder.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Everyone... He's BACK!

::Disclaimer: I was supposed to blog about vanity. But who cares about vanity when I have such great news?? !!!!!!::

*ahem* *does cartwheels *happy dance* *LALALALALALALA*
*happy dancing*


I'm overjoyed.

I received a call from a nice man called David yesterday who kindly informed me that he found a bernese mountain dog around the Braddell Heights area. (Heart starts thumping.)
He later informed me that he saw that the poor dog was shivering with fear and so he brought the dog back to his place where he bathed it and fed it. And for the past 4 days, he's been taking care of the dog, and his daughter really likes the dog.

He also mentioned. 'Oh I can't believe your dog is 4 years old. He behaves like a puppy." (!!!! That's him!!)

So I chatted to him a little bit more, trying to find out if it's really my dog, when I realised that it really might be him!! There's only 1 bernese in my neighbourhood and that's my dog, bernese. WHAHAHAHA!!!

And so my mom went to pick him up, where he joyfully flung himself at her, and he sure as hell did miss us! His eyes were red, prolly from not sleeping and crying at night.
But we sure did miss him. We missed him heaps! :D

Anyhow, he's back now, and that's all that matters. Thank you, everyone for your care and concern. I can't express how much your concern was appreciated. I'm so glad we found him.

The funny thing about this is... Gosh, my dog is pathetic. He was lost around 3pm. The guy found him around 4pm that day. And when David found him, Bernese was shivering with fear. 1 measly hour. And he's already panicking.
Ok, never mind, I can understand how it feels to be lost.




and the piece de resistance.


shit lah.

But it's ok. We love him anyways. :)

And we're real glad to have him back.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Valentine's Day Special

::Disclaimer: I don't like the word "love". I mean, not to be too cynical or whatever, but really. Love is merely a chemical imbalance in our hormones creating certain responses in our physical being and thus, miscontrued as emotions. You cannot feel love. I don't believe you can. You may experience love. but you cannot feel it. Because it is not an emotion, merely a bodily reaction. ::

Still. Despite all my cynicism, I'll give y'all a happily ever after.

Just for y'all, my beloved readers. :) Happy Valentine's Day (even though I do NOT celebrate it, and believe it's totally commercialized.) My first and last attempt at writing romances just like Mills and Boon. (If you're smart, you can spot the excellent references I made to M&B. and to other romances.) :P


Once upon a time, there lived a princess. Now, said princess was supposedly the hottest babe in the land of luurve, and she was purportedly the sexiest, because like Paris Hilton, she was loaded, she wore totally expensive skimpy attire and she had done a Mcdonald's ad. Unlike Paris Hilton, however, she was drop dead gorgeous and in a totally classy way. She still exuded sexuality like nobody's business though, so we could safely confirm that this babe is teh hotness.
Not only that, but the kingdom they lived in/pwned, the Kingdom of luurve, was a pretty hot commodity. Her daddy was very popular with his fellow lurrvelites (citizens of Kingdom Luurve), as well as the other Kingdoms. All the other kings liked to visit his kingdom of luuurve very often. Also because they heard through the grapevine that the neighbouring kingdom's king, the king of romance got hitched in the kingdom of luurve. And they brought their sons along to ogle the hot babe princess, hoping that one of them might actually manage to marry the princess, since the kingdom of luurve was by far the most profitable one yet. (They had their own merchadise.)

Anyhow. So our princess grew up in the land of luurve till she was like 23 years old, and ready for romancing. Being the hot babe that she was tho, she totally could get like, any guy, and especially the guys with all the right attributes. What attributes, you might ask. Well, our princess was always inundated with princes that were obviously drop-dead gorgeous, drove beemers and bugattis, with the requisite amazing body and six pack, obviously, who were all rounders in academics and sports, and just all around perfect. Now, perfect men, especially these princes from neighbouring Kingdoms are usually stinkers and casanovas to other less amazing girls, and our princess is no fool. Obviously she knew that these men were out there shagging other laydeez left and right when they weren't after her, but she totally didn't care, so it was kinda like, meh. Still, despite her indifference, those princes are nevertheless, men and totally dug the idea of a hot babe like her on their arms, and so desperate to get their trophy wife, they chased after her relentlessly.

Anyways, her daddy, the King, got sick of all these silly princes falling over themselves to serve our dear princess and buying her useless gifts and whatnot, that one day over their usual 10 course dinner (because he was a popular king), He basically told her to ship up or shape out. This may be loosely translated into I pwn your ass and I am kicking it out to the 1st guy who wants to marry you. So obviously after bawling her eyes out in her split pea soup, our princess was freaking annoyed with her daddy. I mean, those aren't exactly choice men and 'sides, this was the 21st century. Who wants to be forced into marriage nowadays?

But she had no choice. Her daddy had given her a deadline and by the end of the week she had to get hitched. So our princess pulled up whatever remaining dignity she had and went to get her pedicure done. That was Monday.
On Tuesday, she went shopping because it was retail therapy and because she needed to get the latest Dior by Galliano ( A woman must always keep her standards high, no matter what).
On Wednesday, she dumped half of the pretty-boy princes she'd been toying with.
On Thursday, she dumped the other half.
On Friday, she dumped the stragglers and the persistent ones from Wednesday and Thursday.

So it was Valentine's day, and obviously our dear princess was going to have to magic a husband out of nowhere to please her daddy and obviously, she had absolutely no idea what she was going to do about it. She decided to go for a bit of a tan down at the beach to mull things over and form an action plan, because she may be hot but she ain't stupid.

So. Our princess was going down to the beach of luurve to catch a little sun and tan a bit, and to think things over. She was sauntering down in her skimpiest beach attire to her usual tanning station (that may be an actual beach house in its own right, i mean, the girl is loaded. Only child and all that.). So She was happily practising her sexy walk when she tripped. On something. And fell flat on her face.

Naturally, she was really really annoyed. I mean, wtf. So, she started digging around in the sand trying to find what the hell she had tripped on, because it is a serious hazard and all, y'know.
She was madly flipping around in the sand when she located a small object. When she pulled it out, she was like, wth. It was a bunch of car keys. How freaking annoying and inconsiderate for someone to lose their keys right where she had put her foot in to trip. "oh excellent, you've found them!" a very male, very sexy voice drawled into her ear. Her left ear, to be exact.
Our princess turned around and found herself staring into the most gorgeous eyes she had ever seen. He was, without a doubt, immensely immensely hot. Dark haired and golden eyed, like some Greek Adonis. Her heart started thumping. "Excuse me, I tripped on your keys, you idiot. thump Be more careful with your stupid keys! thump " She started screeching at him. Since she already felt a lot like an eejit, she felt it was ok to be screechy. He was amused at her antics, having already decided she was teh hotness, and totally winsome. He decided to ask her out on a date. "So, shall I make it up to you over drinks?" He quirked his head as he waited for her reply.
She was at a loss. Oh, he wanted to date her! amazing! "umm.. I don't just date any one. You gotta clear my criteria first. I only date princes." She announced.

He smirked at that statement, and softly whispered in her ear "oh yeah, well that's great baby. I just happen to be a prince." She went weak kneed.

So she said ok, and they went off on their date in his car where she had found his car keys, (For the curious, he drives a beemer m3) to a wonderfully romantic french dinner complete with rose champagne. Both fell in love that night, and our princess was pretty sure she'd found the answer to her prayers that pleased both her daddy and her.

On Sunday, she had arranged for him to come over and meet her daddy for the first time. Her dad was overjoyed that she'd finally stopped messing about to find a real guy she could possibly even marry, that he'd decided he'd like the fellow just by hearing about him.

Unfortunately. On the way to the Castle of Luurve to meet the LuurveKing, our boy, the prince of Romance ( who just happened to be the offspring of a fellow luurvelite and RomanceKing) met with an accident on the motorway and died on the spot. Our princess was kept waiting and waiting and waiting. Her dad grew weary of waiting and told her very bluntly to stop fussing around with playboys like that, but she really thought he would come.

When she received the call that her boy was dead, she swooned and fainted. He was gone. Nothing could bring him back to her. However, as she lay at home, puking and crying, she realised one day that she was 4 months pregnant with his kid. not only was she broken hearted, she was knocked up as well.

She gave birth 5 months later to a beautiful boy. She died in childbirth, to join her loved one in heaven where hopefully he wouldn't be driving any beemer m3s but x5s instead.

She had finally met her one true love and they lived happily ever after. In heaven where they belonged.

Her son, the prince of Luurve, met up with the princess of love (who coincidentally happened to be the offspring of RomancePrincess (yes, RomanceKing and Luurvelite had another kid) and LoveKing.) , and they got together to have 3 kids, and castle and 2 dogs. with the requisite white picket fence, of course. You may say that it's all very incestous for a half brother to marry his half sister, but they don't know and probably wouldn't care.

There. It took ages and I rushed it a bit, and literally forced this story out, so I don't care if it's not any good.

I'm no Barbara Cartland.

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Some fuckers have dognapped my dog.

Around 3 pm on the 11/02/2006, my dog was stolen.

Contractors at my place saw a couple leashing my dog away.

My Dog
Breed: Bernese Mountain Dog, Male with Metal Chain Collar
Size: around 5-6 ft.
Age: 4 this year
Colour: Tri-Coloured> Tan, Black and White

He's a friendly dog, too friendly, that's why he let himself get taken away so easily.

We're devastated.

He's not just our dog, he's family.

I know he's crying somewhere and misses home.

If you have a heart, please let him come back to us.

For my Singaporean readers, it'll be great if you could send out the word.

For more details, feel free to drop me a comment or email me, or i'm on msn. Just check out my profile.

Fuck, I really want him back. :(

Wednesday, February 08, 2006


::Disclaimer: In reference to Tysen's comments. But he did the tag anyhow. so 3 cheers for Tysen!::

Normally I shun all sorts of chain stuff, especially chain letters.
Technically, the idea of a chain letter is stupid, because not everyone shares the same views (i.e.: not everyone is as stupid).
Actually the main ones to blame for are the people who forward the things. It's cool with me if you forward funny stuff, or stuff that you think is cool, e.g.: hot Japanese American magicians. (*drool*), but there are certain things that you should not forward to me, such as:-

1.) Best friend/lover/cow/horse/whatever:-
Dumbass emails with pastels and flowers and cutesy teddy bears proclaiming that I am the best friend ever. If I'm your best friend ever(Which clearly I am not), you would know me well enough that a one liner "You are my best friend evah" would work better than a billion emails of cutesy teddy bears and rainbows.

2.) Chain Letters:-
They are annoying and a waste of my time because:-
a) I already feel annoyed by them, I do not wanna annoy 10-15 of my friends with stuff that already annoys me. Or even 3-5 of my friends.
b) My friends will hate me.
c) I do not really care if I get struck by lightning on my way home, or if a 3 year old with red eyes appears at my bed and kills me. ( ok fine, maybe the 3 year old. lightning tho, is kinda 'meh'.) Or that I never find love ever.

3.) Your Birthday Alarm, Book, whatever weird things you're joining:-
Seriously. I may/may not wanna join whatever you're joining and may not wanna "make love happen" or "find your friends!" And it really annoys me that to satisfy your "birthday book" requirement, I have to join birthday book too. (I've had freaking 12 emails from birthday book since the damn thing started.)
Actually, honestly speaking, I'm not really angry at my friends for sending me this stuff, it's sweet that they wanna remember my birthday when I don't even remember theirs.
It's really more of Birthday Book's fault cos I just really don't wanna join Birthday Book, even tho I should, dammit. :(

4.) Free Offer to win the latest Ipod/WashingMachine/USD10MillionBuckaroos/Donkeyshit:-
Once bitten, twice shy. I'm Asian. I like offers, discounts and the word 'FREE'.
But you know, after trying out the 'win the latest Ipod without buying anything' scam, where you fill out a million questionaires in the hopes that The Very Latest Advance In Music Technology Ipod will arrive in your mailbox, (How naive of me.) I'm still suffering from the utter shame of being burned from that experience.
I'll not elaborate more, but let's suffice to say that I'm still receiving Spam. From MYSELF. *face palm*

5.) Scary shit.
I remember back in 2000, because of that Jap horror movie 'The Ring', there were idiots sending out attachments that would have scary faces suddenly flash across the screen, should you care to click and download the attachment. Innocuously named 'tom and jerry' or 'funny', they were most certainly not either. Anyhow. Please don't send that over anymore. Not if you don't want me to call you up in the middle of the night and re-enact the scene from scream. :)

Therefore, people, after reading said warning above, please don't send me shit. *grin*

Tuesday, February 07, 2006


I have just realised.

I'm supposed to tag people to do the tag! WHAHAHAHA...

*sigh* It's pathetic how clueless I can be sometimes.

Ok. Candy, Tysen, CQ (When your blog is up) and...I dunno, anybody else who wants to do the tag. (Just inform me when you post it up)

You're tagged. Just remember to pass it on, like I forgot.

*sheepish grin*


Thursday, February 02, 2006


I've been tagged.
And like a good girl, I shall acquiesce. :)

::Disclaimer: I speak only the truth man. ::

Four jobs I've had in my life
1. Recep/Admin @
2. Marine/Oilfield Purchaser
3. Handing out flyers when I was 14
4. HR dept. in CMA (Curtin Marketing Association)

Four movies I can watch over and over
1. The Italian Job
2. Clueless
3. Ocean's Eleven
4. Romeo and Juliet (the Baz Lurhman version)

Four places I have lived
1. Braddell Heights, Singapore
2. Stirling Highway, MLC Campus, Perth
3. Victoria Park, Perth
4. Erica Underwood Campus, Bentley, Perth

Four TV shows I love to watch
1. My Wife and Kids
2. Sex & the City (SJP's Paris wear is STUNNING.)
3. JET Tv
4. MTV (Chinese.)

Four places I have been on vacation
1. USA (LA, SF, etc.)
2. OZ (Sydney, Melbourne, Queensland, etc.)
3. Shanghai (damn it's some fine shopping there.)
4. Japan (Hokkaido, Tokyo (MUSASHI!!!), Fukuoka, etc.)

Four of my favorite dishes
Note: 4 not enough. I'm a food fanatic. :D
1. Chocolate cake (Bakerzin's warm chocolate cake is an excellent example.)
2. Ice cream (like duh. everyone who knows me will know this.)
3. Steak. (You haven't had heaven till you've had a Kobe Beef Steak. Forget marinated beef.. Real beef is chargrilled!) (but Hog's Breath is pretty good too. :D)
4. Rochor Famoose Tow Hway @ Geylang. (sheeet man. this tow hway melts in ya spoon! also in your mouth!)

Four websites I visit daily
2. Ebay
3. Gmail
4. XE Universal Currency Converter

Four places I would rather be right now
1. The Beach (Cottesloe Beach @ Indiana's having chocolate cake and earl grey)
2. Sitting on the couch in Perth watching telly with Linda and Chris. :) (Heya, Laydeees!)
3. Lying on my bed at home sleeping. (rather than bloody working)
4. Having MUSHASHI ramen in Shinjuku.

There ya go,
jac. :)