Saturday, June 24, 2006

David Bacon

:: Disclaimer: I just had to share this with y'all... ::

I was chatting with my family during a holiday in bangkok (ok it was on Tuesday), and we were talking about the World Cup.

Now, my auntie, who seriously knows next to nothing about soccer, and especially not about the World Cup, tried to chip in her 2 cents on the subject as well.

She happily chimed in while we were talking about David Beckham.

"Oh, Beckham (she pronounces it 'Bacon') he doesn't play for England!"
(We stopped in shock. Eh???)

"No, he changed - he plays for Italy!"
(Are you kidding? She must not know what she's talking about.)

She further insisted "NO, Bacon changed teams right? It was all in the newspapers before, he plays for Italy!!"

At this we all burst out laughing.
He changed teams to Real Madrid. (NOT ITALY)

And I don't think he gets to change passports just cos he plays for Real (not that he really wants to change passports, of course).

Heeheehee. My auntie is so funny sometimes.

Friday, June 16, 2006

Things that make me go ARRGHHHHHH. (sung in tune with Macca's CM 'Things that make u go hmmmm'

There are loads of stuff that makes me go ARRRGGHHH.
purely because I am a very strict regimented person (WHAHAHAHAHA ok maybe not) but loads of things seem to make me really irritated really easily. I have compiled a short (and defo not complete - there are LOADS more except I want everyone to think that I am a nice person, so I shall not blog the whole list - besides that its impossible, because the list is seemingly endless at this point.) list of

Things that make me go ARRGGHHHH:

1. When STUUUUPID Peter Crouch tries to perform a header goal. He is the same height as the goal post, so when u try a stupid manuever like that, PETER CROTCH, you should ANGLE YOUR HEAD so that the ball actually can go into the net instead of bouncing off the bar. And I know he does score goals, but it is a 1/10,000,00000,00000 offchance that it happens.

2. When STUUUPID Peter Crotch tries to perform bicycle kicks that end up with the ball going in the complete opposite directions. Really, just don't try it. Because your bicycle kicks suck. And you suck. YOU STUPID GIRAFFE-MAN.

3. When I have mistakenly pressed the Ctrl key on my phone and everything I type seems to come out in symbols. And I keep trying with every button on the keypad for the next few hours, strongly believing that my phone is seriously damaged. Then I discover that it was my mistake.

4. When I almost trip and fall in the mrt escalator, trying to catch the train, only to find myself stuck behind a few deaf people (EXCUSE ME CAN - no response) , then having the mrt doors close in front of my face when I finally manage to reach the train platform.

5. When people call me auntie. (I AM NOT A BLOODY AUNTIE CAN)

6. When I try to speak meagre french-glish to french people whose english is of the same or worse quality. (one day I shall share my 'unclear' story- heeheehee)

7. When I watch videos on youtube, then the video takes a few decades to load, and then it turns out it only plays the first 10 seconds of a 35 min video clip.

8. When I try to download free music downloads of a song that I reallyreally want. And then I discover there is static in the intro.

OK 8 is a FAT number. I shall stop here. hehe.

I am sure everyone shares the same thoughts, come on let me know if u feel the same.

World Cup Fever

I've caught it, and in a bad way.

Now, I'm not one of those fad-type fans, I do know my soccer, but... it seems to only occur every world cup.

I don't watch the EPL or any of those leagues, I mean, I used to, but now I don't anymore.

It seems to become boring. World cup, somehow is on a greater magnitude, so EVERY goal really counts.

and somehow, the fight seems fairer when you don't have 15 of the world's best players on your team because they're of a different nationality.

It's difficult to explain, but just take it from me that I've gone mad temporarily.

I am so, so in love with Spain. Torres (who looks AMAZINGLY like Cristiano Ronaldo - it's not just the hair i tell u), he's so talented. and Villa, alongwith the awesome combo of Xabi Alonso and Luis Garcia.

Spain is going really far. We should all back 1 or 2 underdogs, just to keep things interesting.

This year, I'm going Czechslovakia and Spain.

And I say England has a shot at winning the World Cup this year. heehee. Go ROONEY.

Anyone else caught WC Fever?

Tuesday, June 06, 2006


I once read in a book (hint: tuesdays with morrie - great book, read it.)

Age is growth, not decay.

But why do I feel like I'm decaying?????

OK so

I'm just bored.

I've not blogged in some time. But I've really nothing to blog about.

I go to work and I come home.

I feel so philosophical nowadays... Is this a sign of age?

I don't want to grow up and tell my kids on how 'when I was your age, I did this and that'


this is why those 2 bitches called me auntie the other day!!

SKII where are yewwww........