Friday, December 30, 2005

2006. But I'm not ready yet!

:: Disclaimer: Alot of whining in this post. I haven't grown up yet, you see. ::

It's 2006 in a few hours time.

Everyone is celebrating. What for? Why?

I've done nothing to deserve it.. I haven't accomplished any of my goals for 2005 yet, exept the really dumb goals which are so DUH that I won't bother embarassing myself on my own blog. Except I do that anyways. *grin*

I feel so unprepared for 2006. I hate uncertainty with a passion. I hate it when I don't know what's going on and cannot prepare so when it hits me, i fumble. And I'm no fumbler. Not my style.

I haven't said goodbye to 2005, Nor thanked it yet for all the great things that it's given me. Or even whacked it yet for all the shit things that happened. I haven't really sat down and thought about what I want from 2006. Or what bad stuff I did in 2005 that I should learn to NEVER repeat.

I would like to analyze in depth 2005, catalogue all my errors into one looong column and seriously do some damage control.

Ahhhh... who am I kidding? Ok i'm not that focused, and I'd prolly bore myself silly with all my stupid mistakes.

God bless me and bring it on, 2006!

I have fool's luck and ignorance on my side.

Happy new year, y'all.

Saturday, December 24, 2005


Merry Christmas y'all!!

Ho! Ho! Ho! *rumbles*

I have joined in a group of silly people to sing 'White Christmas'.

I was actually blogsurfing one day and discovered this funny ass blog by
Lin Peh. Anyways, he had a christmas 'sing song' project. Anyhow, you defo cannot hear me sing because my singing is terrible, however, the final product is actually fairly good.

You can download our singing efforts

I warn you though, our singing really really, cannot make it.

Anyhow, what I did for christmas as follows:-

10am: Wake up to have breakfast.
11am: Leave to bring my bro to cut his hair and maybe cut mine as well. We went with
Jaelle and Mark to this place in Far East Plaza called hair wars.
11:15am: I decide to do a hair treatment and a flat blowdry.
1pm: Finally get my hair done.
1:05pm: Decide we need to get beer. Because Tiger Beer is not good enough for tonight's party. Also, I kinda wanna drink Hoegaarden, my beer of choice. *wink like 007*
1:10pm: Convince my brother that Hoegaarden is absolutely neccessary for the party.
1:15pm: Bribe my brother to go to the super with me.
1:30pm: Finally troupe to the bottle section in the super.
1:45pm: Collect many bottles of hoegaarden, making several repeated trips between aisle 3 and cashier.
2pm: Pay for Beer.
2:00:30pm: Feel sharp pang of pain at amount of money lost.
2:01pm: Decide its worth it.
2:02pm: Looks at pitiful remains of wallet.
2:03pm: Ahh feckit.
2:10pm: Lug heavy heavy plastic bags full of beer to the taxi stand.
2:15pm: Flag down a cab
2:20pm: Slight problem in logistics in transfer of beer to cab.
2:25pm: All bundled in cab (more or less).
2:45pm: Get home in time for lunch.
3pm: Express disgust at the pathetic lunch.
3:05pm: decide to eat nevertheless.
3:10pm: Eat.
3:25pm: Eat Second Helping.
3:30pm: Decide I should Stop eating.
3:35pm: Chatting online with SC.
4pm: Decide I should leave, regardless of rain.
4:15pm: Reach J8.
4:16pm: Reach beauty salon for my eyelash extension appointment.
4:20pm: Start my eyelash extensions.
5:45pm: Finally got my eyelashes!! Lash Offensive.
6pm: Wander around J8.. finally buy a log cake 2 minutes later.
6:15pm: reach home.
6:30pm: Rush to shower after realizing everyone is already there.
7pm: Rush out of home to Mel's party.
7:15pm: reach Mel's place, realize I do not know anyone there beside Mel and her mom (who is scary, btw).
7:20pm: smile weakly and sit down on the furthest edge of the sofa.
7:35pm: Mel's friends arrive.
7:45pm: Discover I know lots of friends of her friends.
8pm: Chat and Eat happily with her friends.
8:15pm: OH fuck my friends have arrived. I shld leave.
8:40pm: Reach Home.
8:45pm: Friends really have arrived.
9pm: More friends arrive.
9:30pm: More friends arrive.
10pm: We drink and drink and drink and realise that Kueh lapis and Hoegaarden = lychee/fruity taste.
11:30pm: People leave to other clubs
12am: I am packing up the place, gathering gifts and whatsit
12:15am: give my mommy her xmas gift.
12:16am: She likes it!!
12:30am: mentally catalogue my xmas gifts into like and dislikie categories.
12:45am: Decide it's been a good year.
12:46am: I have more good gifts than bad.
1 am: I am showering.
1:15am: I am still showering.
1:30am: I am still showering.
2am: I finally finish showering.
2:30am: I realised I have passed out on my bed with my handphone in my hand.
3am: Finally crawl into bed.

And folks, that was my christmas eve. christmas so far ain't very exciting. But hey, it's christmas anyhow. Ich vermisse ihn.

I'd like to thank my friends for their lovely gifts:-
1.) Jaelle and Mark for the lovely lovely t-shirt from Localbrand: I am wearing it atm with a huge grin on my face. TIT: Taitai in Training!
2.) Jac, KC and Marc for the lovely lovely bottle of Moet that will sit on table and look pretty until New Year where we will most prolly open it and drink bellinis until we go silly.
3.) Lennon and friends for the lovely lovely bottle of Bacardi. There are a thousand and one things wonderful about Bacardi.

And I have no time for the rest.

Merry Christmas, folks!

Thursday, December 22, 2005


I fucking lost my entire looong post on why Narnia sucks.

And because I am too lazy to type it out again, I mean, like, HELL NO, I'm just going to summarize it in 3 points why the movie sucks.

1.) Fucking kid actors: I mean, who the fuck are they?

2.) Pathetic White Witch: She belongs in a knitting shop, not as all encompassing evil power of Narnia.

3.) Fucking ugly creatures in Witch's Army: No words needed. They are just freaking ugly. Actually, I can add to that. They had bloody HYBRIDS of the grossest animals ever. like, forex, a hog and a bat. How in the world can a hog-bat combo fight well? If they hired me, I'd totally do an awesome sure-win combo like... a t-rex and a red-bellied piranha. So like, you'd have this HUGE monsta with kick-ass killing tendencies. For sure to have a higher killing count than say, a hog-bat combi. :)

Ok the movie sucks. Now we all know that, I can only say that its redeeming qualities are the peter as a grown up (Noah Huntley you da man!) for, oh, all of 2 seconds.

I give it 2 an' a half pjs on the all-star pj rating, the only rating system for your movie needs.

:D Fuckin' waste of my time.

Jac and SC will have a better review. Ich vermisse ihn.

Saturday, December 17, 2005

Wine + Good Friends + Alot of moaning by me = GOOOOOOD PARTAY!

::Disclaimer: I am officially 22 years old. This does not indicate that I am any wiser nor better in any way. Older, yes. Better for it, no. But hey, any reason to party, right? Thanks to mark and jaelle for inviting me and getting a cake and everything! :) *so touched*::

Right, so I went to a party yesternight @
Vinum (Raffles Link).
It was very nice, lovely festive atmosphere, full of people ready to get down and durrrty with dear friends like beer and wine.

I went with
Jac and KC to the party but I had to leave early because I have a curfew (Which you think the bloody 'rents would let up, even on my birthday. If you cannot understand, refer to my post sometime back in August about bloody chinese 'rents).

Anyhow, I had a great time. Got a little bit drunk tho, and was pretty much smashed by the time I got home. I think I must've spent a good part of the evening whining to Jac and KC, which I thank them for their amazing tolerance and good humour.. haha! I know! I'm sad! Ich vermisse ihn.

But yeah, overall, it was a great evening.

Pictures as follows:-

Jac & KC (KC on left, Jac on right)

Lousy picture quality can be blamed on my shite phone camera for its amazing grittiness and bad lighting on Vinum's part. So NOT conducive to taking good pictures.

The 2 pictures of FLOWERS that were a lovely birthday present from Jac and KC.

Thank you very much! :) Haha! I looove flowers!

I took these pictures like, just this morning, while I can still remember what to blog about... Also, please note that the pictures have that filmy quality not on purpose - I left my camera in my room while I was sleeping and the airconditioning must've chilled the lens something fierce, because the condensation's pretty bad in some of the pictures. These 2 were the only ones that looked halfway passable. *grins*

I didn't take more pictures that night because of my crap phone camera's abilities to take amazingly shit pictures. I'd rather just not take any, than post a few grimy pictures up on my blog and tell everybody that the smudgy black blob in the right hand corner is me. Yeah, no, that's not me. I should've brought my camera. Shit. *mutters*

Ok, anyways, I'm hoping Mark will pass me the pictures from last night (He was smart, he got a decent camera that has a flash) and if I don't too crap in the pictures, I'll post them. :) This also translates that if I look fat or ugly in the pictures, I will most defo NOT post them. hehe.

Cheers, y'all. Have a lovely weekend. :)

Friday, December 16, 2005

And it all goes downhill from here...

I turn 22 in approximately 0.5 hours.

But I haven't accomplished what I was going to do when I turned 21.

1.) Learn how to fucking drive.

Because I have procrastinated enough for our solar system and other galaxies too.

2.) Dance on a tabletop in the middle of happy hour in a busy hip club.

And I still do not understand the meaning of hip. And if dancing on a tabletop can be considered hip.

3.) Be smart and sophisticated and more importantly, the 'A-word'. (hint: Adult but not porno please don't think that way, I am still innocent and pure.)

I still feel like I am playing grown up. And still doing stupid things (e.g.: arguing with my colleagues at 8 am in the morning over whether penguins lay eggs or give birth to little penguin babies).

And childish things. (e.g.: annoying my parents. I still get a kick out of it.)

4.) Be halfway to being on Fortune 500.

The mama shop (corner-shop) on the corner of that-insignificant-street-that-is-too-pathetic-to-qualify-for-a-name owner's son's dog's brother's owner has already gone up to 1st place, drink his celebratory kopi (coffee), shower, coma, written his memoirs. While I languish somewhere in the depths of Fortune ZERO.

5.) Travel to far-off, distant exotic lands.

I think I went to Malaysia earlier this year.

And if you are thinking of Japan, please remember I have not crossed the equator yet.

Also, far-off, exotic places are places where you can't pronounce the names of the far-off, exotic places. E.g.: paris, which everyone must pronounce like (pear-reese). Actually, listening to how the ang mohs (people who live in exotic, far-off places) say it, it is something inherently more complex, you have to strangle your vocal cords to husk out 'par-reeeees'. And obviously, me being unable to perform Rs rolling, it will sound comepletely pathetic, like 'pear-reeeeeeeese'.

6.) Read complex novels by established writers and build on my cultural foundations.

Considering my cultural foundations are essentially Enid Blyton, Nancy Drew and the all popular SVU (Sweet Valley High), I really think my foundations are a little shaky.

Also, I have tried reading what'shisname ooh wait I know his name.. the fat old indian guy... yes! Salman Rushdie! well fuck me, but I have more interest in Salman Khan than Salman rush-bloody-die.

Sorry if I'm not intellectual enough - but I nearly died of boredom while reading his novel. No sex, no romance (even though the blurb proclaimed ' ...this is the story of a love that stretches across continents, across Vina and Ormus's whole lives, and even beyond death.') Does it not sound like it was going to be a fabulously romantic love story.... so I can dab my tears sorrowfully at verso, before shaking my head at the intricacies of life, marvelling at the sheer beauty of indian poetry by the master on words of love, Salman Rushdie?

Bloody hell. Bugger that.

7.) *bloody brain dead at this point*

Ok my brain is FRIED.

ooooh! I'm 22! ^&#$&^@!!!!! ( Just looked at my watch and it says 12 pm.)

Ok. going to crash now.

Take care, all you lovely people.

Tomorrow I celebrate. ;)

Saturday, December 10, 2005

Major brainwave.

::Disclaimer: I'm just weird. :) ::

Ok here goes. My attempt at blogging. I have no idea yet what I'ma going to blog about, but we'll figure it out eventually. *beams*

First off, like to say a completely heartfelt THANK YOU to my loyal friends + fellow blogders and readers (y'all know who you are)!

ok, now we've got the mushy things out of the way, I can start by saying that I hate feeling so bloody dismal and boring, and I'ma going to do something about it. I just don't know what yet, which is why I'm starting by blogging.

One of the very first reasons why I actually started to blog was because of my vanity - I kinda wanted to have some imprint of myself and my going-ons and thoughts and whatsit.
It progressed on to become a rant bin - very far from my original plans ( did you know I actually thought that I'd blog for like oh, maybe 5 years and when I'm a bit older, I'll publish my blog into a book. yeah - um. I did say I was vain. hehe. *sheepish grin*) .
Anyhow, blogging is acutally amazingly cathartic. And.... I have no idea what else to say about this.

Moving on.

I've decided to concentrate on the good things in life. So, I have compiled a short list of things in life worth living for.

If y'all agree / disagree - heads up and shout outs saying 'yay' or 'nay'.

1.) Steaming hot showers in the middle of winter after rowing practice -

This was back in the days when I was still in OZ and the sport I chose to take up was rowing. This reaaaaally looked damn good on paper (i.e.: the poster), and it stirred up images of tall, slim athletes in a furious sprint of man vs. water: the need for speed. And short, chubby me decided to make a go at it. And when rowing season started, nowhere in the fine print did it mention in any terms that rowing practices start at 4 bloody AM and all of you who knows me, also will know that I will only wake up at 4 am if there is a) a fire, or b) a plane to catch. And even then I'll prolly be like, screw the fire and the plane anyways and continue sleeping. :) And I have completely went over the point - the point is that winter time in the wilderness (river) = temperatures of like 1 to 3 degrees celcius and you're standing in the middle of fucking cold water wearing a skimpy bathing suit and nothing else for the next 3 and a 1/2 hours. So obviously you will be so cold when you are next in contact with humanity and steaming hot showers are the only salvation to reverse the cryogenics. But now you see the importance of hot water. :D

2.) Ice cream.

Kindly refer to my ice cream post. You will realise my passion for the forbidden (because I am fucking fat already and do not need the extra help to my waistline) uhh... stuff. Anyhow, it's the whole act of eating ice cream. Getting messy, sticky, and doing it all with a huge grin on your face. Comfort in every mouthful. *droool* Oh I don't need to elaborate - i'm sure y'all know what I mean, right? :D

3.) The luxury of sleeping in on a rainy morning.

Grey skies + drip-drip-drip of the rain + cold aircon gently blowing while I snuggle in my warm and cosy bed, with my doona draped around me tucked in around the corners and a protective edge covering my face to block out the cold force of the airconditioning. + my obssessive need for more than 3 pillows and bolsters to really surround my in a nest of soft warm cushioning.


4.) Good Food + Good Book + 4 hours to waste on lunch on a lazy weekend.

No words needed. I consider bliss to be able to eat my favourite food and a new book and to take as long as I want.

5.) Good friends. *cue sad violin music and collective sighs of 'awwww...'*

but really. sitting in front of the telly with friends, bitching and laughing.

I'm blessed. :)

Sunday, December 04, 2005

Sad Excuses

I know I haven't blogged in yonks.

Life's finally, caught up with me.

Immediately after coming back from Japan, I started in my new job.

And it's been hectic, no doubt. Proving my worth, that he didn't make a mistake in hiring me, and that I really am a good and hard worker.

But that's no excuse for my leave of absence. For such a long time - a month?

I don't know why, but I'm in a philosophical mood these days. I simply wax mundane shit on how my life is so sad.

Life really sucks... I don't know why or how I got so tired these days.

Simply Jaded.

It's not the work. I just have no idea how I've lost my enthusiasm for living.

I mean, I go through the motions. I do my work, go out with friends, have loud raucous family dinners.

And I still feel sad. Bored. Like my life is so empty and meaningless.

I have no idea why.

I'm still uploading the Japan pics, but everytime I sit down to write my post, I lose my focus and I get real bored... Since when did blogging become a chore? *puzzled look*

I'll be back to blog soon. Let me get my spark back.

Anybody going to throw any parties? *hehe*

Sorry y'all.