Wednesday, July 26, 2006

The definition of cute.

There are many ways of looking at cute.

I mean, not every bloody thing is cute.
There is a difference between cute, and freaking ugly ok?

For example, there is universal cute.
Universal cute = things that are ALWAYS cute.
Such things would be like puppies. MOST puppies are cute, even Chihuahuas and god knows, they are damn ugly when they grow up.

Small things are cute. ***With the exception of disgusting things like insects and reptiles, that kind of thing.

DINOSAURS are NOT frikkin' cute. No, not even dino-babies. Not even Littlefoot from ‘The Land Before Time’. Because that is not even close to cute – that is just downright ugly.
Certain things that are ugly are cute. I’ve always thought that Bulldogs were cute. They’ve got a squashed up face and they’re sorta cute in a weird way.

However, poodles are not fucking cute. They’re really disgusting and their fur/hair is unhygienic ok?

àThis is a fugly dogß

Babies.. ok well this goes on a case by case basis.
My friend Linda thinks most babies are ugly. After months of disagreement, I have to concede tis true.

Seriously tho, take a look at Heidi Klum's new baby. At first look, I was like 'What the freak is that' because her new baby is that ugly.

It’s a rare few that are cute.
Most of them are ugly. They look like ugly prunes.
Besides, you’d choose the dog that you’ve known for years rather than the baby you’ve only known for a week right?

And not every cartoon character is cute. Let’s face it. Mickey Mouse is NOT cute. In fact, he’s an irritating asshole.
Goofy is even more irritating and I’m positive Barney is universally hated. (with the exception of a few)

Hello Kitty is… ok I shall refrain from saying more for fear that I shall get beaten up in Dec(btw, u can take the psychological stress level test in the link above). heehee. I much prefer Shinkansen. It’s amazingly cute. Hehe.

But.. come on. Melody, Powerpuff girls, etc. Ladies, have some sense. These things are really too try-hard cute.

Astro boy is cute tho. :) And he’s powerful. *grin*

And yes, I am aware that I am quite disturbingly biased. no worries all, i know my faults. :D

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Sashiburi (It's been a while)

I've been not blogging for ages, and I'm so sorry to the pathetic few readers that I have, you must have missed me lots (not).

Anyhow, things have been real busy on my side and I KNOW that they will never ever be any less busy, and that its really no excuse..

BUT. I am improving things. I plan on taking leave next week so I can blog long and loud about all the shit in my life (god knows, there's loads), as well as rant all the way into the next millenium.

I need a holiday.