Wednesday, March 29, 2006


Right. I'm now standing in Changi Airport and I'm about to go to melbourne in oh.. 40 minutes.

!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *happy dancing*

Seriously, I have waited like, so long for this day.. it totally feels like it wouldn't happen, but I am SO stoked. haha! Anyhow, hope y'all doing ok..

I'll be away from today to the 3rd of April, but knowing me, I might drop by to blog a bit about how damn good it is to be with my friends again.

oh yeah, by the way, i'm going to melbourne to watch KAP. f1, more precisely, and even though I am rooting for dear KIMI (MY BOY!) to win, the odds are good that it's prolly going to be schmancy-fancy-schuey or dickhead-shitface-steal my kimi's glory-dumb alonso.

Anyhow. Should be TONS of fun. I expect.

Well. 15 minutes is all I have. I wonder how much fucking germs there are on this keyboard.

Free Internet = fucking oily keyboard.

aiight. ciao y'all.

Will take heaps of pics.


Saturday, March 11, 2006

People on the telly.

:: Disclaimer: Don't agree with what I say? Leave a shout out. ;)
And yes, I know I'm mean. It's ok to bitch, it's my blog. :P ::

Ok, so just a random rant.

Whenever I switch on the telly, I personally feel that it is SO inconsiderate to have to look at ugly people.

I mean, if its a reality show, or like, the news, I could forgive them.

Because well, their target audience prolly won't care so much and they're not on for long anyways. Blink and you'll miss the ugly people on the news.

But if you're hosting a TV show or at least know that you're going to appear on TV, where people will have to look at you for at least 2 minutes....


Honestly speaking, good looking people are a dime a dozen. It's not difficult to look good.

At least, nowadays, we have plastic surgery and make up, even the most hideous person on earth can look ok. Especially where the surgery is concerned.

And if we're going to look at the person on TV, I personally consider a basic duty of TV personalities to look halfway passable and not make you wanna puke your guts out every time you look at them.

It's not right to have to look at ugly shitfaces on telly when there are busloads of better looking people out there. They could at least try to get some surgery done..

The only exception I make is for the plastic surgery shows.. like
Extreme Makeover or something like that. Because you need the ugly people to provide comparison to how good they look afterwards. But usually they're fugly before AND after.

Which brings me to my next point. TV personalities should NOT have to be even compared to the word 'fugly'. Yet that is what comes to mind.

Please view Exhibit A: Joey Fatone of Nsync.

OK this is what I mean by fugly shitass TV personalities. And innocent 13 year olds have to hang posters up of this guy and ruin their lives staring at this fat ass.

Not being mean, or whatever, but I've always read his name as 'FAT ONE', instead of like, fuh-tone-ney. Baloney, that's what he eats. He needs lipo. And I dunno, a damn LOT of surgery in order to fix his face.

And you know, I might even be prepared to forgive his face if he had an ounce of talent, but let's face it, fat one has no talent. He can't sing, and he defo can't dance.

I have no idea what he's doing in Nsync. Filler, perhaps. But even then, if you were going to find some filler, you would at least find some better looking ones right?

Or you might argue that maybe he's a nice guy. But hey. There are literally millions of nice guys ( wouldn't know, I've never met one. ;) ) out there, who are a lot better looking than him.

And this is what really gets me. Why would anyone choose him as filler?

*sigh* I don't understand this world sometimes.

There's surgery, people. And if you're poor or morally aginst it, there is ALWAYS make up.

Honestly, even legally speaking, the law states in duty of care, that TV personalities have a duty of care not to make their audiences's eyes bleed nor invoke the urge to hurl when they appear on TV.

Sheesh. And just to justify my rants, I have to say that I do know how to look at people who have tried to look good. And I have to say, Fat one can't pass. Maybe some people like fat guys, but Joey fat one would really look better with muscles (instead of lipids), and a nose job. Maybe a chin job as well. And defo some carriage (how to dress) lessons. See? I know how to look.

Ok, rant over.

Just to make myself happy and for the people who agree with me, or disagree, whatever.

Here's Miyavi. HOT GUY and there's a hot chick as well, in Miyavi's PV 'Freedom Fighter'.

My brother agrees that she's a babe. And MYV is defo not demonic, ok?

Miyavi-sama.. watashiwa suki des ne!

i *heart* Miyavi.

Exhibit B: Hot guy..
MYV. Enjoy!

Just for interest's sake.. how many people out there think she's hot?

Monday, March 06, 2006

MIYAVI!!! teh hotness.

::Disclaimer: Am about to sound like a groupie. I have momentarily been transported to my young days where I was 13 and still teenybopping. :P::

I was bored, and then I discovered him.


I'm in love.

Exhibit 1: Please see how damn hot he is.

And not only is he hot as hell, he has bags of personality too. ;)

And so y'all don't think I'm taking him on face value, check out his mad skillz.

Exhibit 2: Mad Skillz.

In case you're not convinced.

Exhibit 3: His cover on Nirvana 'Blew'.

And.. just to convince y'all he's a jrock SUPERSTAR.. my fave song of his.

Exhibit 4: 'Senor Senora Senorita' By Miyavi.

1,2 Step. Step By Step... arrrghhh he is so damn HOT.


(09-03-06) Further comment:

I should explain further on what I commented to Candy as '整体美'. For my non chinese speaking crowd, this basically translates as 'whole body beauty', meaning beauty as an OVERALL PACKAGE.

Beauty as an overall package is what I view miyavi as. He possesses '整体美'.
He has his own particular version of beauty which I can see.

SO I will highlight what beauty I see.

Beauty is not as simple as visual appearances, though as a basic element of beauty, he does have incredible bone structure.
And in terms of facial beauty, he has an androgynous look about him, which I consider to be the ultimate of facial beauty. It is not easy to carry off beauty in both female and male ways.

That aside, upkeep, or grooming.

Firstly, to me it is OK, in fact, more than OK for guys to pluck eyebrows, put on make up, dye hair, whatever. Presentation is ultimate, and it is an indicator of how much pride you put in your appearance. If you respect yourself, you will always try to be as presentable as you can. For males who discover the wonderful effects of make up and hairdye, well, so much the better. What are those tools for, if not for use?

Obviously, some of y'all may say that its sorta weird for males to be so vain, or whatever. But, for Japanese, it is perfectly ok for males to be 'vain' or more accurately, be presentable. And I agree wholeheartedly with that philosophy.

And in keeping with this philosophy, I should stress that Miyavi is quite eccentric and also is a rockstar. J-Rock is a lifestyle. And he embodies it quite well, I think. Also, the tattoos wouldn't work so well with his clothing and hairstyles if he hadn't such great skin.

To understand better, just imagine this:-

You start off with a blank palette. That's miyavi without the tatts, whatever. Just plain ol' simple. Sure. You can leave it as it is. There's beauty in simplicity after all, but you have to understand him. He's not a simple guy. He's not plain. His music has passion, it has colour. It's rowdy. It's not a 2 bar tune.

So you have to add a little colour, a little design, a bit of style to the plain palette. Harmonize it with a splash of attitude.

And you will get the complete package of miyavi.

Now you understand how to get his look, you need to know how to see him.

You need to view him as a complete being, along with his music to fully appreciate the '整体美'. So take in the hair, the clothing, the tattoos and piercings, and add it together with his music and his eccentic personality and what you will get is this overall intangible feeling of beauty.

Accept his look for what it is, add in all the other elements + his personality. And you will understand his beauty.

It is beauty in its own right and genre.

And I totally appreciate that beauty. '整体美'.

I should also stress that I am totally biased. ;)

Thursday, March 02, 2006

i am SO BORED!!!


any suggestions?

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

My sneaky plan to CURE myself!!



I have come up with an amazing miracle cure for chicken pox.

I know, I know.
*waves modestly at all the effectual praise coming in*

I'm damn smart sometimes. *boos ensue* eh shuddup lah

Anyhow, as part of my master plan, I think the fastest, most effective way to cure myself, AND, still have NO SCARS,
I should self administer my own specialized treatment.

I mean, who knows what donkey shit the doctors are giving that actually work? It might just be a placebo. Or a whole lotta placebos.

I can also do my own, more effective treatment.
I shall call it "Pamela's damn-solid-sure-work-super-duper ICE treatment."

What treatment, you may ask?

Well, after careful consideration for all of 2 minutes, I have realized that chicken pox blisters are full of what? liquid right?

So, in order to get rid of the liquid fast, as well as effectively dry up the shell left afterwards, the best and most effective way with the LEAST amount of pain?


Yes, I know. I am really damn smart sometimes.

You know how sometimes you have a tooth that's just about to come out? Then the dentist comes out with this miracle spray that she sprays on your gums?
And this miracle spray will:-
a) dry out the area like super duper fast (because its COLD)
b) numb the area like super duper fast (because it's COLD)
c) stop saliva from coming back into the area like super duper fast

Actually, i'm not too sure about c), considering you can't really even feel if there's saliva there.

But no matter, I'm sure the miracle spray does that too.

So now, anyone know a dentist with limitless supplies of the miracle spray? ;)