Saturday, May 20, 2006

Nothing to blog about.

This is a picture of what heaven is.

At the moment, I have the hugest craving for an original glazed. But you can't buy Krispy Kremes in stupid Singapore.

Anyone, anyone who has access to Krispy Kreme, I wouldn't say no to a package of gorgeous original glazed. or strawberry shortcake. or maple iced. or glazed chocolate cake.

Email me if you can help me fulfill my goal. :)

Monday, May 08, 2006


:: Disclaimer: like movie, like post. This message will self destruct in 8 seconds. because I am chinese and 5 is not 'fat' enough.::

I have just watched MI3.

I have just watched them blow up a perfectly good Lamborghini, purely because of no reason at all. Lambos just don't drop from the sky. If they did, there'll be a lot of dead people. And maybe a few happy ones. e.g me. but we're missing the point here. The point is, lambos don't come free.

SO, if I had a spare few million and decided to not help the poor people of china by throwing my spare american dollars into their consumption rich economy, I really think I would not blow up a lambo as a gimmick. Why a lambo??

Why not, say. a really 'zhnged-up' (this means fully modified, u know? like 2fast2furious) s2000. 2good2cheap. that's also a sports car. or if i was really feeling especially cheapskate that day, I'd get 3 mazda miatas and blow them up. A chick drove the car. she can drive a mazda miata and still wear that toga dress with 3 holes in it.

Also, blowing up expensive car in the VATICAN, is, I am sure, a cardinal sin. I bet you the ex italian priests are all rolling in their graves mourning for the great loss of a marvellous car.

And just in case you think I am really that dumb to believe that it's a real lambo, YES I KNOW IT CAN BE JUST A SHELL. But shells cost money too you know.

Basically, the whole point of my post is to point out that I am a rather poor person who would like a lambo. Yes, even though I KNOW i can't drive yet (shameshame), I would still like a lambo. Shell also can.

This is not a publicity gimmick. I will accept pirated items, even 'lanbo's. ;P Gimme. help me!