Sunday, October 29, 2006

7 deadly sins

I've been influenced by Chris's post on 7 deadly sins, and what can I say?

I see it everywhere.

And I make no excuses for the sad excuse of human being that I am. I'm guilty of almost everything.

Technically, the 7 deadly sins shouldn't really apply because, let's face it here. we're in what.. 2006? and the 7 deadly sins was created like eons ago.

But I digress.

Let's intepret it in our modern ways and where the 7 deadly sins can be mostly seen:-

* Note: This is merely my honest reflection on the 7 deadly sins.
I make no apologies for the truth. *

1. PRIDE: 面子. (eng= face)
Let's face it, as asians, we are ALL about pride. A'zean Pride.
But, don't make excuses. It's present in more instances than you think.

And worse of all, it's celebrated as a indicator of success.

Think about it.

Some examples of pride:
a.) My kid is better than your kid. He scored like 150000 As. so yeah. he kicks ass. because he can score 150000 As compared to your kid's shitty 14999 As.

b.) I carry a LV Bag. my el-low-vee is not from china, taiwan or bangkok, but mine is airflown from italy and is much better than your Carlo Rino. So because I am carrying some dead guy's initials printed all over my luggage, I am more superior, yes I am.

c.) I live in district 10,000. My district 10,000 is better than your ulu neighbourhood. Therefore, my hood rules.

2. ENVY: What we cannot get, we envy.
In our flawed society, the greater your pride, the greater your level of success
( as augmented in your resplendent material possessions.)

Therefore, a by product of envy is to bitch, which is nicely portrayed in our 'auntie networks'.

Some examples of bitching:
a.) Young girl walking with old man.

Instant bitch:
i) he is either her real dad, or,
ii) he is her sugar daddy.

Obviously the latter if;
i) they do not look alike
ii) she is dressed remotely skimpily

b.) female carrying LV bag walking with male.

Instant bitch:
i) she must be *ahem* doing something to get that bag.
ii) the male is her boyfriend and must have bought it for her.

c.) young male driving expensive imported european car (NOT Fiat ok?)

Instant bitch:
i.) his parents bought it for him.
ii.) he must have sold his morals to get that car.
(either something illegal blue collar or white collar)

I guess society has always taken things at face value (hah check out my fab pun), and neglected real values.

Taking a book by its cover? Just look at the crap on bookshelves these days.

Lovely cover, wonderful marketing, beautiful colours and artwork on the outside.
But reading the book makes you wanna gag. Absolute shite inside.
So how can you judge a book by its cover?

It's no wonder we're losing trust these days.
Don't judge marketing or advertising, judge HOW its used.
It's a wonderful powerful tool for reaching the masses, but its blatantly abused.

3. GLUTTONY : too much food.

I don't have much to say on this. Just take the fact that :
a.) There's too damn many buffets in Singapore
b.) Most people LOVE food.
c.) Most people eat too much.

You really only need so many calories a day to survive. You won't DIE if you don't eat.

But let's face it, we're almost all gluttons. eating less pork lard and more veggies with your 500 calorie fried noodles with extra chilli and extra sauce is not healthy nor nutritious.

(I'm just making an honest observation, I'm guilty of this myself. I'm a compulsive overeater. and I know my buffets. dammit. So yeah, pot, kettle, whatever. )

4. LUST: oohlala.

I have no comment. I'm completely and utterly guilty. I have a nice folder in 'My Pictures', completely stuffed with pictures of Brad Pitt, Jonathan Ryes, Safin, Orlando Bloom, etc.

And of course, my secret (or not so secret) collection of Kimi pics. oh wells. you can't win them all.

5. ANGER: *Roar*

ooh hot topic. I'm again, most guilty with this, because I have an incredibly bad temper, but hey. My thoughts are worth more than my experiences*, aight? (*because I already know its wrong)

I've once thought that perhaps we were an angry lot because we are a suppressed, hollow, rude society.

Don't think I'm too far off the mark:
a.) Road Rage: Just look at the inventive choice of words used, and the creativeness employed in highly illegal road manoeuvres in road rage.

It's amazing what people (especially taxi drivers) can come up with when their lanes are overtaken, or when the guy in the next lane drives 0.0001mm nearer to that white line dividing 'his side' and 'my side'.

b.) Don't know if anyone remembers that article on Everitt Road about the neighbours taking each other to court over silly trivial matters, and doing, shouting unspeakable things to each other. and apparently it went on for like 7 years? yes, well. ANGER. *meaningful look*

c.) The teacher that cut off the student's hair on the day of his/her exams? wow now I totally applaud that move, that was WAY cool, but really. teeny bit angry now, that?

6. GREED: more.

we always want more. More money, more pride, more success, more of EVERYTHING.

I don't need an ABC for this, just look at the femes 5 Cs ( the equation for success) we've got:

Car: Just having a car in Singapore is good enough. A new 06 Toyota costs like 100K up. And we've not factored in the tax yet.
But in order to reach the higher strata of success, buy a 200 Merc and Up. Beemers are always accepted, but only for series manufactured later than 2004.

Condo: Housing is expensive and even if you have to work your entire lifetime to buy one, it also matters where. District 10 to 12 is highly recommended for the elusive wow factor.

Cash: Money in the bank. As good as money in your hand. But these days, its all about:

Credit: cards, or just credit. Hey, it's money. Munny good. the more the merrier.

Club: It costs like another car to buy a Club. It's a status thing. But some clubs are better than others. (4 legs good, 2 legs bad)

7. SLOTH: laziness.

Ok, probably I'm just the only pig around, but I sure like to do nothing on weekends but sleep.

I don't think I'm the only one. :)

Anyways, I am completely guilty of almost all the sins, but I don't think I'm alone, and my thoughts and opinions are separate of my experiences. (I apparently don't learn anything from life)

But really. I guess we've a long ways to go.