Sunday, April 30, 2006

My childhood

As inspired by Chris's post on her childhood, I was just reminiscing through my childhood and so I decided to post on that.

::Disclaimer: I'm much better now, promise. :) ::

When I was younger, I remember that I was a total nightmare as a child. As the first born, I was pretty much the only child until I was 6 -7 years old. My daddy adored me and I was pretty much my mummy's girl.

However, my parents had to work most of the time, so besides a domestic helper taking care of me, it was pretty much just me.

Don't get me wrong, I still think I had a great childhood, but when I think about some of the things I used to do, I can't help but shudder at how much my parents have been through with me. So even now, with my brothers acting up and everything, I just sigh and tell them 'I was the pioneer of my time. So seriously, all this is old news'.

You can pretty much tell I was awful.

Let's start with the basics.

Every kid HATES homework, but none moreso than me. I believe I went through 6 years of primary school, wait. secondary school as well, HATING homework. And of course, if you hate something, you just don't do it. So, I went through this period of time just NOT doing any homework.
But it gets better. Not only did I not do my homework, I threw my books away. I think I hid some of the more important ones (thank god I actually knew they were important), and threw the rest away.

To date, I think I remain the only person who ever burnt her textbook after an exam. :)
And I did think it was funny too.

Now, the teachers, obviously, HATED me. I was a troublemaker, always not doing my homework and always questioning their actions. I would actively look up some weird question to test my teachers. And I would loooove to watch them SQUIRM trying to answer those questions. Sadistically, I would moreso enjoy watching them bluff their way out.
I don't think I really respected many teachers during my youth, though a few managed to keep me in line. A few teachers gave me the nickname of 'mosquito', because I sucked their blood.
I don't regret it, because they weren't even good teachers, and I rather disliked them because, quite simply, they didn't deserve any respect.
Obviously, a 30-40 year old picking on a what.. 9-10 yr old is shameless, and to this day, I still stand by the fact that they simply do NOT deserve any respect. Because they didn't teach.

I remember, when I was 14, I got 5 demerits (thus adding to my wholesome demerit record of 32 demerits), for actively waving the finger in a teacher's face. Now, she was an old hag anyways, so no skin off my nose, but this meant that I had one of the highest demerit records among the school (yes, the whole school), and this meant detention.
Detention, in those days, was really fun. When I was a teenager, I knew all the prefects. Or, councillors, as we called them. But yeah, I knew a good number of them, so detention, would be usually something like washing the loos, which had already been washed so all I had to do was splash some water around the place, and for the next 115 minutes, chat to the prefects, of which, most were good friends by now.

I also remember this one teacher. Man was she funny. She would tell us to copy something down, and then when everyone was madly copying, she'd turn around and berate us for copying it down and not listening to her. mentull.

But yeah, I managed to top that by getting some 40 over demerits the next year. which was awesome. ;)
But to this day, I dislike teachers. One thing is that I could NEVER be a teacher. at least, not to a class of 40 odd brats.

I hated school right for the very start. Why should I go to school, what was I learning that I did not already knew, or even better, had no practical use for? I didn't like Chinese, because I was not good with languages, moreso because I was English-educated, and Chinese just does not make any sense as a language. Now, I still think that Chinese is a difficult language, and anybody who can thoroughly master it does deserve some respect.
I thought the humanities were a waste of time, especially History. Who, would want to learn about dead people and the mistakes that they made? Not me, that's for sure. whatever happened in the 1800s should STAY in the 1800s. Life should be about progress, looking towards to future and all that. Why would you want to learn about the mistakes made some few hundreds years ago which are not applicable now?
Come to think of it, P.E. was a waste of time, Art, while fun, but stifled by the poor currculum and pitiful teaching, was ever moreso a waste of time, moral education, was quite simply, he most stupid lessons ever taught, and actually, pretty much everything was a waste of my time.
I liked english, but I was ahead of the class, and the teachers hated me too much to put me in an advanced class, which they later did, but which I still felt was stupid. I hated chinese, and the teachers knew it, which is why later on the years, they'd just look at me and tell that they give up on me. Quite true, I'm just not a chinese person.
I liked math, but I didn't like learning about fractions, or whatever, because the curriculum, was quite the most boring thing ever.

Learning should be full of life, it should be full of questions, it should defo NOT be about I'm TELLING you this, you remember that and regurgitate it in the exam.
This is why I still do not advocate the Singaporean education. You're raising dumb robots, not children. Who could ever hope to learn if they could not question?

Actually, I did make life incredibly difficult for my parents while they were bringing me up. A typical chinese thing is that the parents always wanna brag about their kids right? well not me. I remember, in order for me to get into the primary school that my parents wanted me to go to, they had to make a 'donation' to get me in, then follow up by monthly donations just to keep me in the school. ;P That was because of the trouble I caused when moving into that school. Another thing was that my mom had to come down to 'chat with the principal' every month, because my teachers would complain and complain.. until he got real used to seeing my face. And even until now, he still remembers and recognizes me. yeah. notoriety.

I also remember, when I was 6 years old. I saw this project, made by this other girl in class. Now I was intensely intensely jealous of her work, so when I got the chance, I ripped her project apart. Now the teacher thought I did it, and all the other girls thought that I did (they were right), but I completely kept denying it until I started to cry while she was crying. So I cried louder than her so I won, in a way. The teacher stopped pestering me, and she totally hated my guts after that. Strange though, now that I think about it, I really was a nasty little cow.

Ahh well, things change, and people grow up. I've loads more stories, but hey, won't wanna damage my pure reputation. haha, nahh just thought I'd reminisce about what I did when I was young.

But now I think you'd have an idea of why I do NOT want kids when I'm older. Shit, I'd DIE. I have no idea how my parents put up with it.

Parenthood is a really great thing. But I'm never having kids like me.

> A picture of me when I was younger. :)

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Beat Crusaders!

Please watch this video. I LOVE BLEACH. And this is one of the nicest songs I've heard in a while.. It's really catchy...

Just wanted to share.. Tell me if you like it!

Beat Crusaders - Tonight,tonight,tonight.

Now, if you like what you hear, here's another one of their great songs. I really like this too!

Beat Crusaders - Hit In The USA


Disclaimer: I was going to name it 3, from Tysen's comment on "Give me 3 links to cool shit you found on the Internet, 3 qualities/features you like your firends to have, and 3 links to flickr photos you think are awesome (and why)."
Anyways. 'Tree' is a private joke between my buds 'Linda' and 'Chris', yeah guys??


Give me 3 links to cool shit you found on the Internet:

1. COOL SHIT > Youtube
I have spent the last 8-10 weekends catching up on all the jap anime I've missed out. People, you have got to discover youtube by now.

2. COOL SHIT > Billy Bussey
He's a graphics designer or something like that - hey. His site is COOL.

3. COOL SHIT > MyHeritage
Apparently I look 74% Lucy Liu, ok?
73% Zhang Ziyi!
70% Maggie Cheung!
67% Choi Ji Woo!
62% Jang Nara and Boa!
And.. 67% Marion Jones?

And of course, 55% Cindy Crawford. I knew I had supermodel in me somewhere.
And this teaches us, children, that I am blardee famoose ok?
I have 73% Zhang Ziyi, meaning if they have the sequel for Memoirs of a Geisha, I can be Sayuri with black eye colour.

Maaan. I am sooo cut out for fame.

3 qualities/features you like your friends to have:

Hmm. 3 qualities? I can't really answer that.
All I can describe is that when I'm with my friends, I know I can say anything, do anything and they would still accept me for what I am. Not what I can do for them, not what I can say to them.
This is really precious to me, because how many people in this world, would accept you for what you are and most importantly, NOT judge you?

But take you for what you are, your flaws and all.
That's true friendship to me, and I am so honoured and so, so lucky to have found it.

*ok, you can cry now.*

3 links to flickr photos you think are awesome (and why):

OK well, I'm really new to Flickr, honestly. And I've not browsed it AT ALL, because well.. I've only been to their website like twice. Yes, I know I suck, and I'm soo behind time / outdated. Anyhow, I'm not going to cheat and say I like my pictures best when I haven't seen the rest, so here's the best 3 I can find in 1 minute of browsing...

1. Triton : Firstly, can I please say that some of these shots on Flickr are truly amazing!! My god I did not think that there were SUCH talented people out there!
Anyways. I like this picture because of the feeling it gives when you look at it. It reminds me of how you're playing at the beach and you take that one last jump into the water because you're leaving soon? And you want to savour every bit of fun you can squeeze out of your last moments? It's a really great feeling...
2. B.Kid's Photoshoot : I looove this! It's so cute! Its so accidental - You just can't recreate that look on purpose - She's thinking about something... I wonder what?
3.Waiting to go on our walk : His expression is precious! 'Oh.. I wonder where he is...' I have no idea, but somehow, kids can be SO forgiving. If someone was making me wait, you can be sure, my expression would be nowhere near his. I'd be bordering on furious, really. AND he's innocently worrying about the other person... maaan.
I wish I could be like that! I wish I could wait like that!

OK, well I posted my answers now. I tried to incorporate as much of the comments as I could, but hey, there's only so much I can do...

Will blog more soon. Thanks very much y'all for all your support! I really appreciate you visiting, dropping comments and all.

In promise to Ultra, I will blog about my most vivid memory soon. I have to think about it first tho... ;)

Sunday, April 16, 2006

I dunno

what to blog about.

Please let me know if y'all have any ideas at all.

By the way, to share a completely useless fact with you,

I like Kitkat.

Ok, useless fact over. :)

Tell me what you want me to blog about!

Saturday, April 08, 2006

Melbourne F1 GP post.

Alright, as promised.. going to post about my melbourne trip.. and as usual..
::Disclaimer: LOTS of ranting about KIMI! Now, I love the boy to bits, so you're warned. I'm like, a complete groupie where he's concerned. ;) ::

So. Melbourne.

What can I say?
I'll let the pictures do the talking, like your fingers do the walking.
Yes. I am cliched like that. waddevah.

First. I left Singapore at 11:50pm (nearly missed my flight because I am one of those people that walk in @ the last minute of the last boarding call -yes I am bastardly like that) on Wednesday. Nearly DIED on the plane because I was so bored + I cannot sleep on planes.

Landed in Melbourne on Thursday morning like at 10am. Now, of course, knowing my luck, I manage to get the meanest a-hole in the entire customs, who very nicely put me down under 'W', which translates as 'get-in-line-you-sneaky-asian-who-must-be-smuggling-shitloads-of-illegal-drugs'. I'd take a picture of him if I could, but at the time I was too pissed off to care, really.

And I have to say, the melbourne airport personnel are SO strict:
They scanned my suitcase > unpacked my suitcase > swabbed EVERYTHING in my suitcase for narcotics > swabbed the INSIDE of my suitcase for narcotics > scanned the EMPTY suitcase > repacked everything > scanned my handbag.

I must look like a common criminal. Shite.

So I didn't manage to get out of the airport till like... 11ish. Knowing that my friend Linda wld be landing at like 12ish, I thought I might as well grab some coffee and wait for her in the lounge. So, waited till like 12ish in which we manage to get the dumbest taxi driver in the world. He could have GPS installed in his brain and still NOT know where he's going, I swear.

Anyhow, arrived at the hotel, which by modern day's standards would be nicely termed 'a dump', we find out that you can't actually check in yet, which kinda sucks. Still, we take the chance to do some shopping, so we dump our luggage in the lobby and go shopping till check in time at 2pm.
I won't bore you guys with shopping details, but just take it from me that it is EXCELLENT. They don't call it fashion capital for nothing, hey.

When my other friend Chris arrives, we manage to check in. I won't go into detail here, but man.
You pay peanuts, you really get monkeys. (Sorry Linda, but I know you feel the same too. ;P)

But let's move on to the REAL reason why I was there: THE F1 GRAND PRIX.
oh man, the arena is like, massive. It's like 1/4 of Singapore. I mean, cos Singapore is like, teeny, y'know. And its so lovely to be there with so many other f1 fans, with the atmosphere teeming with other lovely people.
OK FINE. They were fucking rude. And really, there was so many people you can barely see what's going on in the tracks.

I'm not going to bore everyone with what we did for the first few days, so we'll just move on to Race day. (ok I forgot and I don't have any pictures. My bad.)


Now you have loads of stuff that's going on, but because I was dumb enough to only bring 2 disgustingly small memory sticks with so little memory in them, we'll just skip to the good bits. (* This also means an amazingly biased account along with amazingly biased pictures. )
Obviously, you can tell I am just scrabbling with what I have to work with, which ain't much.

Ah fekkit. Just lookit the pictures, y'all. I took YONKS to upload all these pictures, so appreciate them.
No, on second thoughts, just appreciate my effort. and my amazing photography skills. :D *shameless plugging*

Ide and Sato walking into the pits.
Personally, I'm developing quite a liking for Ide. The boy has talent.
I really reckon he could be big.
But nobody, nobody quite does it like Kimi.

The parade has started, the opening ceremony.

What are all the Renault boys looking at? The pit girls, that's what.
After the driver's parade, where they start setting up the positions.

Here is my boy starting from 4th.
(Note: 4 is also the $$$ symbol. fyi. I try to plug whatever I can. :P)

Some random shot of Montoya.
Just smiling before the race. He won't be smiling anymore later. * :)

My boy Kimi getting into his car. There are busloads of people all around him and I HATE the grilles. Yes, I realise I have a fantastic shot of the grilles and a crap shot of Kimi. Life is NOT fair.

I do not understand where all these people keep coming from.

Scram, fuckers. Thanks. Now its just my boy. And the grilles.

Starting.. Ready Get Set GO!
And they're off.

Here's my one good picture of Kimi passing through. I could not get any other shots because I am a shite camera-woman. :( Believe me, I tried REALLY HARD for this one shot.

I sneakily managed to get a good shot by using the electronic display board. It even has the words 'Raikkonen' in the lower left hand corner. :D And this is what happened when I tried to recreate that.

Some asswipe's bum big enough to fill China blocking my beloved boy's head + helmet.

This was a good shot. OF MONTOYA driving.

This was also a good shot.
OF MONTOYA out. :)
Schumi Driving.

Schumi Out.
And a few billion missed shots in between, here they come.

In First place, Al-bloody-steal-my-boy's-glory-fonso. Or 'Fernie'. Actually, Fernie sounds bloody gay. Haha!

In Second place, MY BOY KIMI.

Ahh.. I'm so proud of him. I was happy with a podium finish. Damn unreliable, those McLarens.

And in Third position, Ralfie! And so we have our winners. They look like dominoes, all lined up like this.

Who are these random people all looking at?




My Boy, that's who! Yayy! *Spanish Wave* *happy dancing* Lalala! And we break open the champagne.

(Quick note: I SAW Kimi bloody drop the damn heavy bottle of champagne down 2 storeys into the crowd below. And it was bloody dangerous too. Mentull.)

And a quick peek into Kimi's garage just after the race. I'm sorry it's lopsided. And I'm too damned lazy to fix it, + I took so bloody long to put these pictures up, I am not screwing it up when it's almost perfect.

In the end...
All in all, I reckon it was a great trip. The shopping was SO GOOD (I wrecked my bank account), the race was awesome, because we had such amazing seats,where everyone possible crashed right in FRONT of us.

(by the way, if you watched the race, you might be wondering where's the button crash, and the reason why I don't have a bad picture of it is because there was too much smoke by the time I stupidly realised that he crashed. If you were watching, you may realise that his engine caught on fire, hence the smoke. But that's why I didn't get a picture of Button's smash up. You can try Linda's and Chris's blogs tho. I think they have pictures. :D)

Anyways, I loved the whole trip, especially catching up with my old mates - missed y'all!
so we are making plans for 2008's sepang - I am so going to try to get pit passes - Laydeez: Save up your money, we are so making the 08 KL GP.

We are happy campers.
Melbourne F1, 30/03/06 to 02/04/06.
Christabelle, me and Linda.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006