Thursday, September 29, 2005

Sick @ home.

I'm sick. Again. I have no idea what's wrong with me - I've taken so much sick leave these last few months because I keep on falling sick.

Now, I'm not the neurotic type where every illness means death, but I do like to know if I'm not feeling up to par - exactly what the hell is going on. And apparently it's a stomach bug. In gory detail, I've caught a viral infection that's gone straight to my intestines and tum. And it's making me have a crappy appetite and keep feeling like I want to throw up. And I have. I'm feeling really shit and very sorry for myself now. (won't explain more - I find stomach infections a turn off. Doncha?)

I know it's self-indulgent, but I'm sick, dammit. I want sympathy and luuuuurve and alot of TLC. I may not be making any sense now - put it down to the medicine's effects.
*I ain't well.*

I have to call my doc on Saturday if I don't get better. He's already given me his strongest medicine - woozy stuff, that. And I don't think it's working - I think its making me feel worse. In my intellectual medical terms, I have crazed butterflies in my tum circling at warp speed. And I won't feel better until those bloody butterflies DIE.

Also, I'm really sorry (read that as total regret) about my last post, which was rather yeeuck about the crappy adopted pet pig. I'll admit that 'baby' is a shite name for a pig. But I really thought he/she/it could be Babe's blue brother. Though after further reflection, he does look grey. And he is about the most FUCKING ANNOYING thing. You can only spray water and feed apples - that's all. Rinse and repeat. ok add FUCKING BORING as well. (Apologies for the swearing - I'm supposed to cut down but it's so haaard.) But I'm getting a kick out of dangling apples in front of 'Baby'. haha. I know it's childish and stupid, but it's the only 'fun' thing to do when you click 'play with me'. It's morbidly satisfying watching the damn thing walk around after the apple and that 'you can't have it bitch!' feeling.

ok. I'm BOOOOOOORED. staying home sick is about the un-funnest thing. I was overjoyed at first - woot! holiday! - but now i'm more like 'shit i look like fuck and I feel baaaad'.

me sick. :(


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