Sunday, August 07, 2005

I wish...

I'm tired of blogging about my job. I mean, just in case everyone thinks I'm a responsible young adult who's focused on her career (that I am, too.) My rant of choice for today will be my 'rents.

So what about the 'rents? Well I'm living with them, that's what. I'm hardly able to go out there and live on my own, I'd prolly die of starvation in a week, in a homeless squat unfit for any living life. But living with the 'rents after 5 blissful years of freedom in OZ land (schooling) makes me feel like I'm being stifled. Ok, understatement of the year, it's a bloody dictatorship, complete with the Nazi heroes and concentration camps. I mean, it's like living in a hole, where you have no freedom and you basically do whatever they tell you to. Uh-exaggeration.

But I feel like I'm being treated like I was 6 years old all over again.

There's Chinese tonic soup brewed by the gallon which brings new meaning to the phrase 'tastes like shit'. Actually, that phrase is too good for it. Imagine a black sticky vomitous brew that somehow miraculously manages to taste bitter and sour and with an foul aftertaste that tastes somewhat like food that's gone bad for years. Now that's something nasty. And I've been swallowing that shite under much protest since I was a little tot. Isn't that something? I'm amazed I didn't die.

And if that wasn't bad enough, the 'rents have all these weird chinese beliefs. It's like living in China, and even the China chinese are totally modern these days.

Sometimes I wish I was born and raised in America, so I can escape all this antiquated chinese shit that my 'rents bring out by the dozen. I mean, there is only so many times I will change my sleeping arrangements just cause some feng shui guy says facing north and planting some sick chinese shit will enhance my life. I don't think so. Besides, it takes time for your body to get used to sleeping in a certain position. Trying to manuever your body into tricky twists and turns to get comfortable makes for very temporary sleep. So I'm pretty much pissed off that I can't even get a decent night's sleep.

But on the other hand,there's some things to like about chinese traditions.

Forex, New year. Every year.

There's lovely lovely New Year's Celebrations.
I like no, I love CNY. New clothes (always a joy to have more stuff to wear), new everything : shoes, undies, bags, the whole shebang. And the best part is we get cold hard cash in red packets throughout the 3-4 days of celebrating CNY from people we don't even know. And these strangers give us money just for saying hello and happy cny. What a great deal. Going to strangers' houses and eating all the sweets and chocolate, biscuits and junk food. And don't forget the fabulous nightly feasts and reunion dinner. It makes for a highly satisfying celebration. And it would be the perfect holiday for me except for the part where my 'rents insist on playing highly embarassing chinese new year music complete with the cymbal clashes and tooting trumpets. Really vomit-inducing stuff, innit.

I reckon that CNY beats all other celebrations, except it might equal christmas. But then, receiving money is wayy better than receiving christmas presents because for 12 christmases running, I've had all the shite presents that I really did not want. And I really don't think I'm alone here.

Very randomly, (cause I'm at work and skiving to be able to get my posts out - isn't my determination relentless?) My stupid supp has managed to outdo all my other shit supps by having a late delivery of 7 weeks. And he looks set for another 7 more. Isn't he amazing?

I think I need a holiday.


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